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How to Use a Steam Mop for Efficient Cleaning

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
how to use steam mop

A steam mop is a convenient and efficient tool that can make a lot of difference in your cleaning routine. It can save time significantly and help you clean the toughest stains easily. 

A steam mop's mechanism works by heating the water to a temperature of nearly 250° Fahrenheit and sending that jet of steam to the pad covering the head of the mop. The wet pad loosens the dirt and helps remove grime off the floor. Steam mops come in a variety of different styles, and you can use multiple mop pads with them. Read our blog to know more about how you can use one efficiently. 

How Often to Use a Steam Mop to Wash the Floors? 

Such mops should be used routinely. But for smaller households, weekly once or twice is also sufficient. However, if your house is more susceptible to outdoor grime, you should use it daily. 

How to Wash Floors with a Steam Mop? 

Vacuum the floor 

Before using, it is very important to vacuum the floor. You can also alternatively sweep lightly in absence of a vacuum. The vacuum helps remove lint, dust, and other debris with its good suction power. 

Some dual-function steam mops available in the market come in very handy for cleaning lightly. 

Prepare the Pads 

Changing the pads often helps clean efficiently to avoid smearing dust all around your house. Steam pads like Fushing Mop Pads and F Flammi Mop Pads are machine washable and allow the steam to release easily because of their sandwich mesh lining. 

Check the Floor Surface 

Steam mops should be used only on sealed floors. Excessive moisture can damage other surfaces. You should also ensure to never leave the steam mop on for long as it can damage the surface. On any type of vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, hardwood, linoleum floors, steam cleaners are safe to use. 

The Light N Easy steam mop is compatible with multiple surfaces and carpeted floors as well. The flexible mop head with a 20 feet long cable helps you cover hard-to-reach areas easily. 

Steam Clean the Floor 

Attach the mop pad, fill the water reservoir, and power it up according to the manual. During the cleaning process, keep it moving constantly, and don’t forget to reach the toughest corners. 

Steam mops like Bissell Steam Mop not only clean the floor but also eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria. 

If you are looking for a steam mop with a powerful yet simple operation, we would recommend going for Vmai Electric Mop

Wash the Pads

Pads can be easily cleaned in a machine with other whites. You can also air dry them. Microfiber pads are really easy to clean, and you should keep a good supply of cleaning pads so that you do not have to wait for cleaning your floors the next time. 


A steam mop is an excellent way of keeping your floor and surfaces clean. Today, many steam mops power through the toughest message and sanitize sealed hard floors easily. The market is full of many products in different budget ranges. 

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Happy shopping to you! 

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