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Steam Mops: Say Yes to Squeaky Clean Floors

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Do you get annoyed by the extra water and puddle that a standard mop leaves behind while wiping the floor clean? Steam mops are gradually gaining popularity in the market because of the seamless experience and effective stain removal they offer. Without creating any puddles of water and requiring additional tools like a bucket, using a steam mop has become the new way of cleaning.

Brands claim that a steam mop can sanitize floors and clean all the dirt within a short span of time. But do they really? In this blog, we’ll walk you through all the essential details you need to know before buying a steam mop. By the end of it, you’ll be able to make a decision which will result in squeaky clean floors!

But before we proceed further, let us take a look at a few of the basics first. These will help you understand how to choose the perfect steam mop.

Is a Steam Mop Better than a Traditional Mop?

While buying a steam mop, it’s very natural to wonder if it’s even worth the time and money. Should one just go with the traditional mop for better cleaning and spillages? Traditional mops have dominated the market for a long time now. However, when it comes to tough stains and dirt, steam mops excel. They let you remove all the dust without putting much effort.

If you have kids or pets at home, it’s advised to go with steam mops because there’s no use of additional chemicals in it. The steam is enough to loosen the dirt and debris, removing it effectively. On the other hand, they work on batteries and are comparatively expensive than a traditional mop.

Therefore, to make a purchase decision you need to understand and identify your needs. If you are someone who hates carrying the bucket around, but your floor is prone to retain stubborn stains, then a steam mop is the best solution for you. They not only give cleaner floors and efficient results, but the need for water is eliminated as well.

But just like everything, steam mops come with some cons too. You can not rub on one spot for too long because that might overheat the floor, causing damage. You also need to be extra cautious while using a steam mop on your wooden floors as the wood might easily swell with increased use.

Features to look for While Buying a Steam Mop

Let us take a look at some of the features before buying a steam mop. These factors will allow you to identify a suitable one for your homes.

  • Power Cord 

A mop with a longer power cord is much easier to use. A short cord not only limits your cleaning area but also takes a lot of time to get the cleaning done. As extension cords are not recommended while using these appliances, it’s better to look out for the length while buying.

  • Water tank

It’s imperative to check if the mop lets you refill the reservoir at any time. Also, check If you’ve to wait for it to cool down before the filling process since filling in cold water into a heated tank might lead to a decrease in its efficiency widely. Also, some variants come with a light indicator, signaling the time to refill your tank.

  • Steam and Height Control

Some mops let you control the steam as per the floor type. This feature is highly useful if you have a wooden floor or a marble floor. You can also adjust the height of the mop wand as per your requirement. This makes It convenient to use by adults and children equally.

Also, if you have hardwood floors, it’s recommended to be very careful while making your purchase as too much heat can damage the floor easily. However, if you purchase the best hardwood steam mops, the advantages are endless because steam can remove the harshest of stains effectively. Similarly, for tiled floors, it’s advised to buy the mops that is suitable for the particular surface.  Reading the description along with a peek into the return policy before buying will help.


To sum it up, steam mops can be a great addition to your cleaning regime. With their high versatility and compatibility, they are slowly increasing their base in the market. They’re easier to store, lighter and clean quickly without any additional cleaners and chemicals. We hope our article helped you understand how Steam Mops work and if they are really worth it! We would say they’re definitely worth giving a shot.

Happy cleaning!

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