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Things to Consider Before Buying a Digital Camera

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
things to consider before buying a digital camera

There are many things one has to consider before buying a gadget like a Digital camera. Digital cameras, even today, enjoy the popularity that they once enjoyed, falling second to the advanced DSLRs with extended lenses and Polaroids. But, every time you plan to buy a new camera, many questions come to your mind. Which brand to consider? Which type to go for? What are the features that one should opt for when buying digital cameras? Should you go for a waterproof digital cameras? Digital cameras have been a hit ever since their inception.

Digital cameras were considered as a revolutionary model after the standard film cameras. They removed the need for photographic printing as well and also eliminated the need for reels.

These questions are often frequent in the minds of buyers and should certainly be a part of your purchase decision. Read below to know more.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Digital Camera


One of the first things that should be considering is to understand the lens your digital camera will require. One of the frequently used terms in the digital camera domain is DSLR.

DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera. It is a digital camera that uses an interchangeable lens. As a result, the DSLR camera provides better clarity and resolution. Due to better light sensitivity, photography in dim light surroundings is possible along with having fast focus speed. An excellent example of a professional quality lens is PANASONIC LUMIX ZS200 15X Leica DC Lens with Stabilization, 20.1 Megapixel, Large 1 inch Low Light Sensor.


Some cameras such as Sony Alpha A6100 categorize under mirror-less cameras. Such cameras work without a reflex mirror. They are lighter, offer better image stabilization, clarity and a real-time preview. However, these cameras are costly as compared to its counterparts. They also come with a shorter battery life and less autofocus, making them less popular than the standard DSLRs.

Image Sensor Size

Image sensor size is important as it gives the physical dimensions of a sensor required to click a picture. The larger the image sensor size, better clarity it is in low light settings. A good example can be Canon DSLR EOS 90D.

Let us look at the various categories under image sensor size 1 /2.3-inch, micro four-thirds, APS-C and Full frame.

  • 1 /2.3-inch

The smallest of all the image sensors is the 1 /2.3-inch, which is found only in the point-and-shoot digital cameras.

  • Micro Four-Thirds

These are medium size image sensors found in entry-level mirrorless cameras. They are usually quite compact.

  • APS-C

These are popular with DSLR cameras. APS-C sensors are larger as compared to Micro four-thirds.

  • Full Frame

They are the largest size image sensors present in consumer-level DSLR and mirror-less digital cameras like Sony a7 III.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we understand the basics, let us look at some frequently asked questions by users and reviewers alike. The idea is to remove all shreds of doubts while buying a digital camera.

Do I need an SD card while buying a Digital Camera?

The answer is yes. SD or Secure Digital card is a non-volatile memory card format used for storage in portable devices. The suitable choice of the SD card will be based on an optimal mix of performance and price as per requirement.

Can a Digital Camera Record Video?

Yes, a digital camera like Olympus Mark III, can record both still pictures and videos. DSLR is the best choice, if you want to shoot high quality still pictures and capture videos, mostly in 4K UHD.

Which is the Best Digital Camera’?

The answer to this lies in the requirement and choice of the individual. There are many brands in the market like Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. that are market leaders of advanced models of a digital camera. However, if you are a beginner, then go with cameras that come with simple to use and understand controls.

For professionals, advanced features such as megapixel resolution, sensor, size, etc. matters more. So, regardless of which stage you are in, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com for more buying options. We review and recommend some of the best products based on their popularity, performance and quality.

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