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Samsung and Sony TV: The Battle of TV Screens!

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Emma Wilson
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TV or Television are appliances without which our entertainment visual entertainment remains incomplete. Of course, you have laptops and computers to compensate, but the experience of watching videos in a 40" or 70 "inch is something which only a TV can give. If you are someone who has been spent hours in the electronics section trying to choose between Samsung or Sony as your new television set, then this blog is for you.

The two brands have always been regarded as somewhat similar, with an equally large consumer market to vouch for them. This is primarily because of the way they look and many similar features that they offer. But contrary to this, there is a long list of significant features that sets them apart. Every television set serves the prime function of satisfying the viewing entertainment for its user.

However, the basic 'format support' and processors are much different when it comes to these two brands. Such differences may not be noticeable while you are skimming through the catalogues but it is what makes them different. Take a look at our featured section to know the current trend. We have reviewed and recommended a list of some quality TV sets from both the brands to make your choice easy.

TV Brands in Concern

Before jumping on the technical features, let’s see the overview of each product. Before buying any TV, there are certain factors that you should keep in mind. Considering these factors will help you settle on the right TV easily. On one side we have Samsung TV,  a South Korean brand, that is rated among the top manufacturers of the television world, and on the other side, we have Sony TV, one of the flagship products of the Japanese company. They both are worthy competitors in the domain of TVs. Both of these manufacturers sell their products globally and cater to a variety of budgets, sizes, and target markets.

Now that we are through with the introduction, let’s see which is a better option to invest in. once you read the blog, you can take a look at some of the best TVs of 2021 that we have listed for your convenience.

Samsung Vs. Sony TVs

TV Picture Quality

When it comes to displaying quality, both Samsung TV and Sony TV deliver the best. They feature ultra-high-definition performance, excellent brightness, and contrast, with unique dimming features to modulate the black levels. However, Sony’s local dimming is more impressive than Samsung, which shows unwanted illumination in the display when viewed from different angles.

With QLEDs arranged throughout the back panel, the Sony TV displays effective viewing from all angles. Both of them are capable of exhibiting a wide spectrum of colors and maintain the overall intensity irrespective of the brightness levels. Still, Samsung QLEDs takes the edge by producing deeply saturated color in almost all the television sets manufactured nowadays.

HDR Performance of TV Screens

HDR performance dictates how dynamic and realistic images a TV set can create by playing with overall contrast and brightness. In simple words, HDR performance helps you to see the details in extremely bright or dark areas. Whether it’s the texture of clouds in the clear sky or the dark colors in a haunted room, the illumination adds that extra touch.

Compared to Samsung TV, a Sony TV shows better levels of brightness and contrast, making its display visually striking. A downside, common to both the models is that they don’t recognize HDR content on its own, and you’ll have to adjust the settings manually.

Sound and Viewing Angle

By viewing angle, we mean the maximum distance you can sit from the TV set to get a bright and clear image, which is essential when you haven’t got the best spot for a movie night! Samsung and Sony both offer moderate to low viewing angles. However, Samsung TV takes the front seat when it comes to sound quality. It separates the background music and voices to provide a better sound experience with moderate bass levels. The sound quality of Sony TV is great too, but it fails to offer what Samsung can, even with a super slim profile.

Look and Design

Apart from the basic features, if we talk about the look and design, Sony offers a sleek and modern screen with an equally stylish stand. Samsung looks nothing special and gives an average performance in the ‘looks’ department. Both sets provide features and functionality for a smart TV, but when it comes down to gaming performance, Sony takes a back seat. One of the best selections of Samsung known to be the best for gaming performance is Samsung UN50RU7100FXZA Flat 50-Inch UHD 7 Series Ultra Smart HD Smart TV.

So, Which is Better?

Samsung TV offers deeply saturated colours, reduced motion blur, and superior sound quality. On the other hand, Sony edges out by providing compatibility to HDR10 and Dolby version for quality HDR viewing. Additionally, Sony TVs are available at a few hundred dollars less when compared to the costs Samsung TVs offer. Moreover, both of these brands provide easy compatibility with soundbars for an elevated viewing experience. However, to know more about the kind of soundbars trending the market, take a look at our featured section.

What Can We Take Away

To conclude, both TVs are excellent for their value. With additional features getting added to every model they manufacture, both of these brands have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are not sure which one to go for, you may want to focus on different features according to what you require. Sticking to the category breakdown to pick what suits you the best is probably a good idea.

No matter what you choose, it will all come down to a good viewing experience. As TVs are significant investments, you will need to identify which feature you want the most and choose accordingly. Hopefully, this blog will help you in finding the perfect TV for yourself. For more buying options, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. They review & recommend some of the best products based on their quality, performance, and durability to simplify your buying process. So don't forget to take a look, before you get hooked. Happy shopping to you!"

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