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How To Cook Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer?

Written by James Sydney
Updated on Jan 28, 2023
pizza rolls in air fryer

Air fry pizza rolls have risen as a popular and mouthwatering appetizer in many buffets and dinners. They are quicker, easier, and healthier than deep-frying. Cooking pizza rolls in the air fryer requires hot air circulation. This cooks the food from all angles and stops it from becoming greasy. The air fryer can maintain an authentic taste and offer a delicious twist to the recipe. Visit our blog to know everything about air fryers.

Are Pizza Rolls Good In Air Fryer?

Yes, you can make delicious pizza rolls in an air fryer like Instant Vortex. The no oil mechanism results in fewer calories. An air fryer saves you about 15 minutes as you don't have to preheat the air fryer first. You can prepare these pizza rolls to perfection in seven minutes. This makes the air fryer a better option than a deep fryer, oven, or microwave.

How Do You Cook Frozen Pizza Rolls in the Air fryer?

  • Preheat the air fryer to 380 degrees Fahrenheit. It helps the food cook quickly and evenly
  • Turn on the air fryer and heat the frozen pizza rolls at 380 degrees for around 6 minutes
  • Arrange the pizza rolls in an equal layer inside the air fryer. They can be slightly stacked but may need an extra minute to cook
  • Shake the container halfway
  • Let them rest for 2 minutes before serving

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What Temperature Do You Cook Pizza Rolls at?

You can cook Pizza Rolls at 380 degrees Fahrenheit in an Air Fryer. Sometimes they explode if you cook for too long. You can cook at this temperature for 6-8 minutes. Shake the basket after 4-5 minutes to ensure even heating. The customer reviews of Ninja AF101 Air Fryer claim that it has a wide temperature range that allows to quickly cook crisp food with convection heat.

How Long Do You Put Pizza Rolls in The Air Fryer?

Pizza Rolls take about 6 minutes to cook if you arrange the pizza rolls in a single layer. You should add 3-4 minutes to the cooking time if you are cooking more than half the bag. Ultrean Air Fryer 4.2 Quart's reviews mark that with innovative heating system and rapid air technology that cooks the food evenly.

Do I Need to Use Oil for Air Frying Pizza Rolls?

There is no need to use oil for air frying pizza rolls. This meal comes out delicious without using any oil. Some people, however, brush oil on the coat for that extra crisp taste. If the air fryer basket is stuck to the food, you can sprinkle oil spray with an EVO oil mister. Using PAM or oil with soy lecithin is not advisable. It can ruin the dish.

What Can you Dip Pizza Rolls In?

You can use pizza sauce or marinara sauce to dip the pizza rolls. You can also use them to dip in the chicken wings or ranch dressing. Pizza rolls are great with spicy and cheesy dips.

Air fryers are easy to use and come with preprogrammed cooking options. You can read our guide on how does an air fryer work if you're using it for the first time.


The air-fried pizza rolls are a rage at parties and get-togethers. The deep-fried pizza rolls are certainly delicious but packed with calories and fats. This makes them heavy on digestion. The air fryer retains the authentic flavors thus, making them light and savory.

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