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How to Choose the Right Chainsaw Size

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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Have you ever given a thought, if the size of the chainsaw size can impact the way you cut wood or logs? Choosing the right chainsaw size is an important factor in determining the efficiency of the cuts. Identifying the length of the guide bar and the chainsaw chain is quite crucial to determine the types of jobs a chainsaw can do. If the length of the bar is significantly long it can cut thick pieces of wood easily. Longer chainsaws also reduce the chance of kickback as compared to its shorter versions.

This blog will take you through the process of identifying the right length for your chainsaw. If you are planning to buy a brand-new one, you can check our featured section for some buying options. If you are buying a used chainsaw make sure to select one as per your requirements. The information in this blog will help you identify the right chainsaw size for various jobs.

Steps to Choose the Right Chainsaw Size

  • Identifying the Job

The first thing is to identify the job you are looking at to use your chainsaw. Cutting jobs can be classified into light, medium, and heavy depending on the object where the chainsaw needs to be used. Let us look at each of them separately.

  • Light Jobs

When you are using the chainsaw for pruning branches, twigs, or branches, then such tasks fall under light jobs. For jobs like these, using a chainsaw that measures 14-inches or below is advisable. These small chainsaws are often available in the form of electric chainsaws. Moreover, you can also opt for a cordless chainsaw.

  • Medium Jobs

Tasks like cutting a tree or medium girth, shrubs, thick undergrowth, taller shrubs, or firewood comes under medium jobs. For such tasks, a chainsaw of 16-18 inches is suitable. Usually, the gas-powered ones like the Worx Powered Chainsaw are more suitable for such jobs.

  • Heavy Jobs

Heavy jobs are those where the chainsaw cuts trees and thick trunks. This requires a powerful motor and a longer saw to do the job. Such tasks are more common for commercial purposes where only professional chainsaws are suitable. Usually, chainsaws above 18-inch of length like the Husqvarna 460 Rancher are suitable for heavy jobs and are majorly available under the gas-powered variant. Echo Chainsaws offer some of the best gas-powered variants of chainsaws.

Now that you know the different tasks that can be done by Chainsaws, read more about gas-powered Vs. battery-powered chainsaws for more clarity and transparency.

Ideal Chainsaw Size for Various Jobs

  • If you have a basic job like pruning, choose a chainsaw of 12 inches or below
  • A job of limbing and cutting small trees requires a chainsaw between 12- 14 inches
  • For the job of cutting light firewood, choose a chainsaw between 14-16 inches
  • If you have the job of trimming, go for a chainsaw of 16-inches
  • For cutting limb medium trees or medium firewood sizes, then choose a length between 16-18 inches
  • If you have a job of cutting full-grown big trees, going for 18-inches or more is best

How to Measure the Chainsaw Bar Length?

There are two types of lengths that you will have to calculate when you are measuring bar length. First is the effective length. Effective length is the length of the blade from the base to the tip. Whatever the measurement is, round it to the nearest whole inch. The second is the true length which means the measurement is taken from the tip to the end of the bar without the saw. This need not be converted to the nearest whole inch.


The chainsaw size is the single most important thing to help you choose a suitable chainsaw for the task at hand. Once you choose a chainsaw, you can understand how it works along with other necessary information from our chainsaw buying guide. Outdoor tools like leaf blowers chainsaws are sturdy machines and thus should be handled and chosen with care so that all your requirements are satisfied. Bestviewsreviews reviews and recommends some of the best products that can be used to its maximum potential and are known for their quality and performance.

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