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DEWALT Flexvolt 60V Chainsaw Review

Updated on Aug 17, 2021 by Jessica Parker
DEWALT Flexvolt 60V

The DEWALT Flexvolt 60V chainsaw is a versatile outdoor tool that is used for cutting wood and firebreaks. It is a portable gadget that uses a cutting chain with a set of teeth that runs on a dedicated guide bar. There are different types of chainsaws, including gas-powered, electric-powered, and cordless, battery-operated machines. The battery-operated models are great for their quiet and effective operations. The gas-powered models use the 2-stroke engine with a volume ranging from 30 to 120 cm3.

This blog gives a detailed review of the DEWALT Flexvolt 60V chainsaw. It will help you understand the features and benefits of this model. Take a quick peek into the history to understand this chainsaw, better.

History of DEWALT Chainsaws: A Quick Peek

It started in 1922 with Raymond E. DeWalt was building a radial arm saw to cut through wood and trees for various purposes. A radial saw is a piece of equipment that consists circular chainsaw mounted on top of the horizontal arm. This product gained popularity leading to the start of DeWalt Inc. in 1947. It was sold to American Machine and Co. which was later sold again to Black & Decker.

DeWalt stands as one of the superior commercial chainsaw brands today. They specialize in their flagship product of chainsaws as well as an array of hand tools like pliers, wrenches, reciprocating saws, and circular saws. Today, these chainsaws are available in both gas-powered and battery-powered variants. Read our blog on gas vs. battery chainsaws for more clarity.

DEWALT Flexvolt 60V Chainsaw: Honest Review


The Flexvolt Chainsaw 60V comes with batteries that can adjust their volt between 20V and 60V, depending on the cutting and power requirement.


The grip of the DEWALT Flexvolt 60V Chainsaw in making vertical cuts on the log or wood is excellent. Vertical grip requires bucking spikes that let you slide the saw back and forth. The quality of the bucking spikes in such chainsaws is superior.


DEWALT Flexvolt 60V takes just 6 seconds to cut a log of wood that is 8 inches long. The chainsaw has great efficiency with an average of 0.40 cuts per watt-hour.

Run Time

The run time of DEWALT Flexvolt 60V is good with a large tank capacity. The DEWALT Flexvolt models come with 2.0Ah and 3.0 Ah batteries that can easily last for anywhere between 3 to 6 years.

Impressions and Cutting Speed

The chainsaw bar of DEWALT Flexvolt 60V can cut through any girth of wood easily and in no time. It is important to choose the right chainsaw size according to your cutting requirements to ensure a good cutting speed.

Buying the right chainsaw model can be a little difficult task. Read our informative buying guide that will help you make an informed buying decision.

What’s Great in DEWALT Flexvolt 60V?

  • Great for professionals and landscape pros
  • Features a low kickback
  • Comes with a sharp 16-inch saw
  • Auto oiling mechanism that efficiently allows the saw to function for years
  • A strong engaging chain brake is powerful enough to stop the saw cutting at 60V
  • Comes with a warranty of 3 years
  • Chain quality is 'Oregon 90' which is one of the best qualities available
  • Efficient chain tensioning and bar tightening knob
  • Quiet, ergonomic, and lightweight design
  • Comes with a coast-down brake for convenient handling and fast cutting
  • Generous handles to increase comfort
  • The tank brim is wide for easy pouring of oil

What’s Not Great in DEWALT Flexvolt 60V?

  • The cap of the fuel tank goes deep when tightened
  • It may spill some fuel if filled to the brim
  • The side cover is enclosed that collects wood chips and result in clogging

Our Final Verdict

The DEWALT Flexvolt 60V chainsaw has a good cutting speed and impressive run-time. It also comes with a few problems like the deep tightening of the fuel knob and enclosed side cover. The feature of adjusting between 20V and 60V gives it unparalleled flexibility. Other brands like ECHO also offer high-quality professional chainsaws. Read our blog for best ECHO chainsaws review.

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