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Going Back to School- The Good Old School Days

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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It has been nearly 6 months since schools across the continental US closed their doors to the students to cease the spread of the deadly Novel Coronavirus. Ever since students are engaged in online classes where schools are attempting to deliver the much-deserved education to all the students. But gradually schools have decided to open their gates once again to welcome the students and start the succession of a new normal. Although going to school after such an unexpectedly long break may seem strange but as they say, “life goes on”. With schools starting their sessions for 2020-21, let us take a look at a bunch of essentials that kids will need in order to start their sessions again, online or otherwise.

List of the top 12 Going Back to School Essentials


Laptops are the new notebooks. With technology progressing by leaps, even education has taken a digital turn. Since all the classes are happening online, students and parents are increasingly turning to laptops or its equivalents like tablets, or chrome books to empower their children. Of course, many students owned a laptop before as well but, with the COVID situation, they have gone mainstream. Today, there is a growing need among the students and the parents to put their hands on the best laptops or tablets available. The powerful laptops of today come with next-gen technologies that are highly ergonomic, functional, fast, and stylish that makes them suitable for all streams of education. One of the best laptops that have given its users ultimate satisfaction is the MSI-P65 Creator, priced at $1,879. Its sleek design, speed, graphics, and memory are the best than any other laptop in this range.

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Tablets are an excellent gadget for those who are particular about easy to carry around gadgets, not to forget, compact to hold, and offers great functionality. It allows you to connect with the online classes while you are on the move. With laptops, this degree of mobility cannot be achieved. Tablets have gained steady momentum in recent years owing to its affordability and smart features which have placed them at par with laptops. One of the best in this category is undoubtedly Apple iPad Air available at $619. Its excellent interface and great performance have won many hearts. However, if you want to go for something more affordable, then the Samsung A 10.1 tablet is another runner. It is available at a more economical range of $210.

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Laptop Bags

Laptop bags have never been just laptop bags, has it? Most of the time it contains our entire world of essentials like pens, mobiles, gums, water bottles, etc. Thus, a laptop bag that is functional, compact, ergonomic, and not to forget stylish has always topped the charts. eBags Professional laptop bags has been delivering some of the most useful and stylish bags ever since its inception. Their collection of laptop bags are highly durable and affordable with a classy look that has appealed to many. This bag comes with easy access compartments, and an adjustable sternum strap for enhanced comfort. It's made of fleece, which makes them water-resistant and perfect for everyday wear and tear.

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External Hard Drive

With all the online classes happening every day, you cannot afford your laptops to crash with data overload. Thus, having an external hard drive to store all the crucial information is extremely important. Laptops or not, data backup is necessary. Toshiba Basics 1 TB hard drive is everything you imagine a hard drive to be. It has an excellent read/write performance and compatible with any laptop or tablet. What's more? It comes with a sleek look, compact design, and a 1-year warranty.

All-in-One Printers

While we are busy taking online classes for our subjects, how can we forget the necessity of having an all-in-one printer at home? Be it faxing, copying or even printing running to the library at such times is not advisable. Thus, having a printer that can do everything for you is a blessing. Brother MFC inkjet printer is one such product that will make life easy for you. Its wireless feature can scan without any mess of wires, while its NFC feature makes printing possible with any device. It also comes with a package of 1 year of ink in a separate box. With this gadget by your side, you can say goodbye to your emergency printing needs.

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Smartwatches are the smartest gadgets you will need this season. With classes starting, the luxury of peeping into your phones between classes won't be possible. Thus, having a smartwatch like Letsfit Smartwatch by your side will be a huge relief. It can notify you regarding any messages or calls and even notifications from your social networking sites. For those who have been in the diet with the fear of gaining weight due to inactivity, this watch will help you be on track despite the binging that is going to start with schools.

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With schools planning to open their gates over the next few months, students will experience a full fall season with winters just round the corner. Thus, having the proper gear is necessary before stepping out. One of those essential gears is boots they will provide the much-needed protection to the feet and legs. But just protection won't do, having a style quotient is equally necessary. Bruno Men's Suede Leather boots will be an excellent addition to your winter wear collection as well as a great addition to your going back to school gear. These are affordable, stylish yet durable and fit to be worn during the fall as well as early winters.

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Crackers and Snack Bars ,

These are perfect for those untimely hunger pangs that might come knocking, once your schools start and your usual schedule is thrown off track. You can eat such snacks anytime you want without thinking of those extra calories that pile on with pleasure eating or stress eating. With KIND bars, keep your hunger pangs at bay and also lift your mood with their delicious chocolaty taste. If you are not a 'sweet' person you can go for Cruchmaster Crackers. These are made of healthy multigrain and are completely cholesterol-free.

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Water Bottles

This might seem like a trivial thing to carry, but with the COVID crisis, one can't be too careful. Go for water bottles that have a large capacity and self-filtering mechanism. This is more of a precautionary measure so that you don't have to expose yourself to the common drinking area. If you are in the lookout of a water bottle that can suffice your daily water intake, then go for Brita water bottle. It comes with a self-filtering mechanism and is BPA free, making them safe to use.

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Wireless Charging Stations

This is an extremely important gadget if you are taking all your classes online. Having the need to sit with your charger attached to your phones the entire length of the class is a pain. Therefore, having a wireless station to place your phone for charging while continuing with your classes is a great convenience. Additionally, you won't have to deal with any wires. Just charge your wireless station and place your phone while on use. With a wireless station like XDesign 10W wireless charger, you will never run out of battery. This gadget undoubtedly can become one of the important carry-on items in our journey of going back to school.

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Women's Sweaters

Sweaters are going to be a common sighting when you go back to school as the winter will be just around the corner. Thus, having a trendy yet functional winter wear collection is important. Especially for all the ladies out there, since you are stepping out after so long, having a chic winter wardrobe will drive away all your woes. With a trendy sweater like Dokotoo, winter's won't seem like pain anymore. Although they are more suitable for light winters, they can act as the perfect winter wear below jackets. With oversized sleeves and trendy knitwear turtleneck, this sweater will surely make heads turn.

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Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are the perfect accessories to support you when you are planning of going back to school. You can put alarms for those early morning sessions, or a reminder for that test afterward, a smart speaker can be your aid in the whole learning process. With AI integrated technologies, they can be your own sweet personal assistant. They can even help you to research for those projects without you lifting a finger. Your voice will do all the required work. One of the best in this category is the Echo Plus (2nd Gen). They can voice control your online activities, your smartphones, and even your home appliances. With easy compatibility and ultra-convenient AI features, this surely will be your companion in your journey of going back to school.

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What Can We Take Away?

Digital literacy is a new way of education today. With us spending so many months at home, technology has come to our rescue like never before. It is because of such technological innovations, we could find an alternate way of having a balanced lifestyle while the world was locked behind doors. Now that it's time to go back to school, some of these technologies will continue to be our aid for the future. With such innovations at our side, learning and education will never be the same again.

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