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3_Patio Furniture and More

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Emma Wilson

If you are looking for some good Patio Furniture for your outdoor space, we have covered some common FAQ and additional information to help you make an informed choice.

What is the best outdoor furniture brand?

Brown Jordan and Keter Rio has been consistent with its place in top rated outdoor furniture. They have around 30 unique and equally pricey collections. You can never go wrong on the quality with these. It’s a ten on ten when it comes to Patio Furniture.

What Patio Furniture lasts the longest?

Iron can stay the same for hundreds of years if it is taken care of. Wrought iron is one of the heaviest metals, which makes it stable even during harsher weather conditions. While it lasts long, cleaning the iron frames and tabletops can be a difficult job. But in terms of durability, these can last very long.

What is the best time to buy Patio Furniture?

When spring kicks in, sipping your favorite cocktail near the poolside is great fun. And that’s precisely why you should avoid this time frame. It’s simple math, high demand, high prices! The best time is around August to October when stores are ready to make room for fall inventories and exciting deals are at peak. With sales going up as much as seventy percent, you can buy the set you had your eyes on.

What is the best material for outdoor Patio Furniture?

There isn’t a single type that can be considered as the best material. There are many, each with its unique characteristics. The cast iron or aluminum won’t rust, which is a significant relief for people living in coastal areas. Wrought iron works well for windy areas. A piece of teak wood furniture will hold up good everywhere except for dry places. For a better understanding of what’s “best” for you, take a look at our recommended selection of Patio Furniture for you.  For more on Patio Furniture take a look at my blog “Everything About Patio Furniture”. This blog gives you all the information that you will need while investing in Patio Furniture.

Which is better Wicker or Metal Patio Furniture?

Aluminum and wicker are the two most common materials picked up for a Patio space. The materials are similar in some way and different in others. Aluminum is strong, durable and sturdy, but cleaning it can be one difficult job. On the other hand, Wicker is affordable, homely and aesthetically more appealing. But both are equally popular among its users when it comes to choosing Patio Furniture.

When can you buy cheap Patio Furniture?

The best time to buy cheap Patio Furniture is around August to October. Sales start with somewhere around twenty percent in early August and go up to seventy during late October. The only downside will be slimmer options to choose from.

Is it OK to leave Patio Furniture out in the rain?

This one has a tricky answer. Well, it entirely depends on what material you have chosen for your furniture. Options like cast iron or aluminium, stainless steel and good quality plastic are safe to be left out when it rains. But materials like wrought iron and wood can face some considerable damage. Moreover, the cushions and bed rests have to be taken inside when it pours. Always!

Is steel or Aluminium better for Patio Furniture?

The most popular choice in the case of metal is Aluminium. Its lightweight, robust, durable and can be molded into almost any intricate shape. Aluminium is comparatively less expensive than steel or other metallic options. When it comes to unwanted rusts or low maintenance, Aluminium takes the first spot. 

Can you leave Rattan furniture out all year?

It depends on the quality of your Rattan furniture. A high-quality rattan will withstand almost all weather conditions. However, there will be some elements that need constant attention like Cleaning. Just scrub it regularly and you are good to go! 

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