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Food Chopper Vs. Food Processor: Which One Should You Buy?

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
Food Processor Vs. Food Chopper

The conflict between the food chopper vs. food processor is not new. The majority of households today contains innovative appliances that make tasks like cutting, chopping, grinding and processing easy. However, these appliances are members of the same family and it is easy to get confused when it comes to their uses. Let's compare the two appliances, food chopper vs. food processor.

Food processors and choppers are both indispensables when it comes to kitchen uses but are often used by people interchangeably. Food choppers are efficient with smaller cups of fruits and veggies while a processor can process a large volume of veggies, fruits and other food items easily. The basic function of both these devices is almost similar except processors can not only chop but dice, shred and blend as well. In this blog, we will help you walk through all the important details of both the appliances to help you make a better buying decision.

Food Chopper Vs. Food Processor


While a food processor performs the same function as a chopper, it can also be used for other processes like dough kneading, blending, slicing, dicing and whisking. A food processor has the capacity of churning 8-12 cups simultaneously. However, a standard food chopper has a much lower capacity of chopping that is around 4-6 cups.

Mueller Ultra Heavy Duty Chopper can easy slice and dice large quantities.


Food choppers are very convenient and portable. Their lightweight nature makes them ideal for storage. Mini food choppers that exist in the market are highly compact and can be used daily too as they are lightweight and easy to use.  But food processors, although a countertop appliance is not lightweight and comes with bigger machine and containers that are difficult to carry around.

ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper is a manual chopper that is a bigger variant compared to others.


Food processors are multifunctional as compared to the choppers. To whip up the batter of your favorite cake or cookie, or to slice your veggies, you can use a food processor. But you cannot use a food chopper for kneading or whipping as their mechanism won't allow such actions.


Manual food choppers are much lighter than the processors. They have several types of blades that help you accomplish a lot of tasks in the kitchen. However, they are most preferred by kitchen enthusiasts for small processes only. A food processor on the other hand consists of a heavy and powerful motor, not to forget a sturdy build which adds to its weight.


An average quality food chopper can cost you around USD 30 to 35 while a good quality chopper can range till USD 100. However, more powerful variants are equipped with a bigger size. Food processors on the other hand can cost you anywhere between USD 130 to USD 600 depending on the features, built, and size.


A food processor is highly versatile and flexible. It comes with many attachments but sometimes they can be bought separately too. It has different blades for differently sized food items and can perform functions like dicing, chopping, shredding, kneading, and whipping to name a few. However, the maximum a chopper can do apart from chopping is dicing and making a purée.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning a food chopper is quite convenient as the majority of them are dishwasher safe. But what is interesting is that a food processor is equally simple to clean as well. Most people think that cleaning food processors would involve a lot of hard work and unnecessary effort. But that's not true. The containers of processors are big enough to accommodate a thorough cleaning and like choppers, are dishwasher safe too. Most choppers and processors are dishwasher safe and this quality makes them easy to maintain.

Ninja Food Chopper Express Chop is the food processor for you if you want one that is easy to clean.

Food Chopper Vs. Food Processor: The Final Verdict

Having discussed all the minute details and parameters, we’re sure that you know everything about choppers and processors now. In the end, it majorly depends on your requirements. As a general rule of thumb, if your kitchen operations are diverse and you have a large family or you love to try new dishes every weekend, a processor is your best bet. However, if you think you just want to quicken your chopping process, you should go with a food chopper. We hope this blog, food chopper Vs. a food processor helps you in making the right choice.

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