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Food Chopper: An Ultimate Buying Guide

Written by Jessica Parker
Updated on Nov 10, 2021
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A food chopper is a compact kitchen appliance that can chop, purée, or mix a variety of foods. These appliances make the tedious task of chopping food easy and also save immense time. You can use this chopper to chop fruits and vegetables like leafy greens and tangy fruits. Food choppers can come in manual or electric variants. They are small in size and often, do not include a feed tube, unlike food processors. Food choppers and processors are different kitchen gadgets.

Benefits of a Food Chopper

Reduced Time and Effort

The advantages of this appliance are innumerable but the primary advantage is the time and effort you save. The blades are sharp enough to cut through large pieces of fruits and vegetables effortlessly. You no longer have to dice them into small pieces. A food chopper can do it for you. ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper has got good reviews for its multi-blade design that blends ingredients in seconds and is considered one of the best choppers to have in your kitchen.

Mess-free Operation

Food choppers help you deal with all the ingredients at the same place, allowing you to manage the waste effectively. It also limits the volume of waste because it can easily cut through hard-to-cut pieces, that otherwise can be difficult to cut by a knife.


The different attachments help you perform various jobs like chopping, kneading, whisking, and slicing easily. Such versatility lets you create restaurant standard dishes right at the comfort of your home. Mandoline Slicer Vegetable Chopper is one such versatile variant with 3 grater blades and 2 slicer blades.

Easy Cleaning

You can go with a chopper that’s dishwasher safe if you cannot spend much time in the maintenance of your device. This saves you the scrubbing time and helps you clean all the parts quickly and efficiently. You can also clean all food debris in the hard-to-reach corners easily. For instance, all parts of Ninja Food Chopper are dishwasher-safe. Reviews show that this mode is convenient to clean and maintain.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Food Chopper

Electric Vs. Manual Food Chopper

You can take your pick between a manual chopper and an electric one depending on the number of meals you want to whip. A manual chopper like Brieftons QuickPush Food Chopper comes with a variety of functions and attachments that lets you prepare your meals easily. An electric chopper, on the other hand, might offer limited functions. You can operate a manual chopper with fewer efforts. An electric chopper requires it to be plugged in and is expensive as compared to a manual one.


The capacity of the container is also important as it decides the volume of veggies you’ll be able to chop. A standard chopper with a capacity of 1 to 5 cups is suitable for preparing a small volume of food. You can go with a large chopper with a capacity of 7 to 15 cups for preparing large batches of food. Reviews of Kuhn Rikon Pull Chop Chopper show that it is an ideal choice if you are looking for one with a 2-cup capacity.

Mini Variants

Mini choppers are your best mate if you want to go with a version that helps you attain fine slices and smooth consistency in a compact manner. These choppers require minimal effort and chops with great finesse. Most mini choppers are manual but they do their job perfectly.

Can a Food Chopper Puree?

Food choppers are primarily used for chopping veggies, but they can also be used to puree small batches. Food processors are good for pureeing smoothies with the right consistency. The size of food chopper is generally smaller than food processors and that is why they can only emulsify liquids in a small amount.

Can a Food Chopper be used as a Food Processor?

The answer is No. Food choppers and processors are different appliances and have different specific uses. You can use food choppers for many tasks that you can perform with food processors but you can not slice, shred or dice in food choppers. They are also not good for making highly-consistent smoothies. We have a blog dedicated to tell you everything about food choppers vs. food processors.

Can a Food Chopper Make Hummus?

The answer is Yes. You can make hummus with the help of your food chopper. Many brands offer multi-purpose food choppers that let you make delicious hummus with ease.


Food choppers are adaptable and flexible gadgets. That is why they are quite common in kitchens nowadays. Their ergonomic nature and multifunctionality have made them the 'go-to' gadgets. They can be used for chopping softer food items like fruits and also tougher items like nuts and meats. Food choppers can be an invaluable addition to your kitchen and life.

Food processors are also a beneficial addition to your kitchen space but they are available in different types. Read our blog to know which is better between food processor vs blender.

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