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Antique Floor Lamps: The Best for Your Home

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Antique Floor Lamps

Are you looking to employ the best antique floor lamps in your bedroom or living area? Great! You have landed at the right place. With our featured list of unique floor lamps, it should be easy to take the best one's home.

Floor lamps not just light up the entire room, but can also add a unique and modern touch of style to your existing décor. A large advantage of floor lamps is their versatile nature, making them suitable to be placed at a variety of locations. Be it your office cabin, or home, antique lamps can be the center of attraction of any room.

Floor lamps are popular for their unique designs and elegance. Although there are many types of floor lamps, the antique ones come with attractive design and features. However, there are also a few models that may not fit in that tag, properly. This is where, when our list comes in handy. All our listed products are antique and offer interesting features.

List of Best Antique Floor Lamps

Décor Therapy PL3790 Floor Lamp

Décor Therapy PL3790 Floor Lamp comes with an oil-rubbed bronze finish that gives a glossy surface appearance. Due to the light gold faux silk shade, this lamp makes a fantastic choice in bedroom corners for a romantic lighting effect. It supports 150-watt bulbs and equips a 3-way switch.

Elegant Designs LF2003-ABS 

If you want something elegant, and yet antique and stylish, Elegant Designs LF2003-ABS can be your best-buy choice. It features antique brass finish and measures 13.25"L x 18"W x 71"H. Despite requiring some assembly, this lamp is easy to set up and install. It is made of glass and iron and weighs just 0.1 pounds.

Tiffany Style Reading Floor Lamp

Tiffany Style Reading Floor Lamp is 12 inches wide and 64 inches high, that makes it perfectly suitable for creating a dazzling light effect in any of your room. This lamp is of high-quality materials like stained glass and metal. The base is heavy, weighing around 5.5Kg to ensure excellent support and stability.

Dawson Modern Pharmacy Floor Lamp

This Dawson Modern Pharmacy Floor Lamp has an adjustable height, ranging from 33" to 55" and a base measuring 10" wide and 1" high. It also includes a boom arm, that is 20" in length from the pole. It holds the lampshade at pre-set angles. Besides, it supports a maximum of 60-watt bulbs and includes a rotary switch for On/Off operations.

Elegant Designs LF2001-ABS 

Elegant Designs LF2001-ABS has a brass-surface finish with a white glass shade and an elegant design. This antique floor lamp uses a 100-watt bulb and illuminates the entire room with bright lighting. It measures 13"L x 13"W x 71" H and contains a rotary switch placed on the lamp holder.

LEDU Antique Floor Lamp

LEDU Antique Floor Lamp equips a stylish swinging arm that is suitable for reading. Thus, this model is the perfect addition to your room or office areas. It has a design that not just looks splendid, but also keeps the whole structured stable. For more support, it comprises a weighted base, measuring 10"D.

Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp

Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp is a modern style lamp and creates a natural vibe in any of your rooms. It contains three barrel-shaped lanterns, that are given lining from white rice paper. It has a structure with brown cane sticks. With a smart outlet compatible feature and 82"H, this floor lamp is your best go-to item.

Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Floor Lamp

Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Floor Lamp comprises 3 light lamps that offer wider multi-directional lighting. For providing a better control option, this model comes with a four-way rotary switch. Just weighing around 33 pounds, this floor lamp is lightweight, easy to fix, and an attractive lighting source.


Antique floor lamps have never been off-trend. In fact, their popularity has only increased. However, among most manufacturers, there are still some leaders that produce low-quality and ordinary lamps. Well, to bypass those lamps for you, we have listed some worth-buying lamps above. You can select any of them that best suits your taste and budget.

For more buying options, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend only the best products based on their quality, performance, and durability. 

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