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Epilators Vs. Shavers: Which is better?

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
Epilators Vs. Shavers

When we talk about hair removal, everyone prefers the method which is easy and doesn’t require frequent touch-ups. No one wants to spend hours on this. The process isn’t exactly painless too. Typically, when it comes to electric methods, a person generally goes for epilation and shaving. Electric epilators and shavers work on electricity and are convenient to use. Manual methods consist of waxing and disposable razors. In this article of epilators vs. shavers, we will cover all the aspects of epilation and shaving so that you can go with the technique which suits you the best! Check out our blog on the difference between epilation and waxing.

Epilators Vs. Shavers: Growth

As compared to a shaver, an epilator keeps you hair-free for a much longer period of time. If you have heavy hair growth, you might have to shave twice or thrice a week which can be really bothersome for busy people. An epilator also gives smoother results because it pulls out the hair from the root when compared with a razor. You do not have to worry about prickly growth when you use an epilator. Prickly growth can be really irritating if you wear shorts or skirts. In this battle of epilators vs. shavers, an epilator gives you better results which last for a long period of time.

Epilators Vs. Shavers: Pain

Initially, you might find epilators highly painful. But as you get the hang of epilation, the pain becomes tolerable. Some people do not find epilators painful at all and go with them because of the quick and hassle-free process. On the other hand, shaving isn’t painful but can cause serious cuts if done the wrong way. Even if you are careful while shaving, there's a big chance of getting cuts. Also, shaving allows quicker regrowth because a shaver doesn’t pull the hair out from the roots and rather just peels them.

Epilators Vs. Shavers: In-Grown hair

This term is thrown around very casually when it comes to hair removal. Shaving or waxing often result in ingrown hair. If you shave in the wrong direction, no one can save you from ingrown hair. Not even your favorite exfoliator. This happens because the blade fist tugs on the hair before cutting it. Shaving stubborn hair recklessly can cause painful bumps too.

Epilators Vs. Shavers: Speed

Epilators need to be held perpendicularly for intensive hair removal. Shaving is much faster but can cause redness and rashes if done in an abrupt manner. It’s advised to take your sweet time for both the processes. While both of these processes are fairly efficient, a shaver can save you from the hassle of plugging in your cords. While shaving, all your need is your razor and you can do it anytime.

Epilators Vs. Shavers: Cost

Epilators cost you around USD 20-200 and are a one-time investment. Electric shavers can cost you around USD 10-50. The disposable razors also cost you around USD 10. The catch here is that epilators last much longer than the other counterparts. You do not have to worry about frequent replacements. Disposable razors will have to be replaced every month. Good quality epilators like Braun Epilators can last you for years! Epilady Drop Rechargeable is an affordable option.

Overall BVR Rating


Epilators leave you with smooth skin for a long period of time. There is less mess and more convenience. You don’t have to worry about regrowth and they can be much more budget-friendly in the longer run. On the other hand, epilation can be more painful. Shavers aren’t as noisy and require less upfront costs. You do have to worry about your pain endurance when it comes to shaving. We have compared both shaving and epilation on the basis of some common parameters in our blog. We hope the decision you take helps you in the future! Want to know more about epilators?

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