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Dutch Oven or Stock Pot: What Should You Buy?

Updated on Oct 26, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Dutch Oven or Stock Pot

A dutch oven and stockpot are cooking pots that have almost similar designs and usage. Both these cooking pots are often interchangeable and are ideal for slow-cooking large quantities of food. They both are similar but have many differences too. Stockpots are large pots that you can use for simmering soups or boiling liquids. These pots have dual handles on the sides for easy lifting. They have long straight sides and tight-fitting top lids.

Dutch ovens are heavy cooking vessels made of cast iron material. They have an enamel coating at the bottom for the high conductive property. These pots are all-purpose kitchen tools that provide you with versatile usage. Cooking in a dutch oven is easy and simple as you do not need to season your pots. You can pre-heat them on the stovetop, before moving them to the oven.

You can easily decide between a dutch oven and a stock pot after knowing the comparison between these two cooking pots.

Dutch Oven or Stock Pot- A Comparison


Stockpots are often made of aluminum and stainless steel material. These pots are not heavy in general and have a lightweight build-up. You can easily hold them while draining liquids or adding more ingredients. The dutch oven is made of heavy cast iron material. It facilitates slow cooking but holding this pot for long can be troublesome. Reviews of Le Creuset dutch oven show that this model is easy to hold because of its 45% larger handles.


Both the pots are available at affordable prices. The dutch oven can cost you more because of its high-duty construction and cast iron material. Cast iron is a durable material and more expensive. The Cooks Standard Nonstick Dutch Oven is a good option available for just $40.

You can buy a good-quality stockpot for less than $100. The Cook N Home Quart Stockpot with a cooking capacity of 8 quarts will cost you around $35.


The size refers to the cooking capacity of any cooking pot. Dutch ovens are good for all cooking processes but are mainly used for small quantities. The size range that you get in most dutch ovens is from 4 to 13 quarts. The 13-quart model is the biggest one that is perfect for cooking for a large family.

Stockpots are usually available in large sizes. The size range varies from 4 quarts to 20 quarts or even more. Many models also offer up to 40 quarts of cooking capacity. Choosing stockpots for cooking in large quantities can be a worthy decision. Reviews of Cuisinart 766-24 Chef's Classic show that this stockpot is ideal for delivering a professional performance.


Dutch ovens are good for cooking as well as simmering soups. They are most preferred for foods that require frequent movement from stockpots to the oven. You can use them for cooking meat, making stew, or preparing a one-pot casserole, and bread. Stockpots like Ninja Foodi Nonstick can be your ideal choice for making liquid-intense dishes. You can use them for making stocks, broths, soups, etc.

Heat Conduction

Dutch ovens use cast iron material and enameled coating for better heat conduction. These pots will slow heat your food content evenly. Stockpots also offer even heat distribution but the stainless steel models do not have good heat retention properties. You can consider going with stockpots made of cast iron material.

Dutch Oven or Stock Pot: FAQs

Can I Use a Stock Pot Instead of a Dutch Oven?

The answer is Yes. You can interchange these two cooking pots for a variety of cooking processes, but its also depends on what you are going to cook. The dutch ovens are not good for cooking in large batches. You can make stockpot soup in a dutch oven but it will get evaporated because of a wider bottom base.

Is a Stock Pot or Dutch Oven Better for Soup?

A stockpot is a better option for making soups or simmering liquids. You can also make these soups in dutch ovens, but they will be in limited quantity. Draining liquids and adding more ingredients is comparatively easier in stockpots.

Is a Dutch Oven Just a Pot?

A dutch oven is a cooking pot with versatile usage. You can use this pot for stovetop cooking, campfire cooking, frying your veggies, making soups, and more. This pot can withstand high temperatures and come in a durable construction. Read our blog to find the best dutch oven camping recipes.

Can You Put a Dutch Oven in the Oven?

The answer is Yes. You can easily put your dutch ovens in an oven at a temperature up to 400 degrees. The dutch oven is made of oven-safe material that can withstand the high oven temperature. STAUB Round Cocotte Dutch Oven has got good reviews because of its plated knobs that are heat resistant up to 500F.

You can cook a variety of dishes in a dutch oven. Read our blog to understand how to use a dutch oven.


Dutch ovens or stockpots are important kitchen tools that you can use for making delicious meals. The dutch oven is good for cooking in a limited quantity. This cooking vessel has got good customer reviews for its versatile usage. You can go with stockpots for making soups or for trying other liquid-intese recipes.

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