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Best Dog Bowls That Your Furry BFF will Appreciate

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Dog bowls might seem like one of the small things to worry about but can actually impact the health of your dog widely. Apart from the size, various other things determine the buy of a perfect bowl for your dog. A material that is unsafe can cause harm to the dog’s digestive system.

Many dog accessories like dog bowls or Dog sweaters exist in the market catering to the special needs of your pet. You can choose the best one for them after a little research. To make the choice easier for you, we have listed some of the most recommended dog bowls in our featured section. If you are a new pet parent then this blog will really help you understand the importance of a dog food bowl and how imperative it is for you to know what kind of bowl will the perfect for your fur baby.

The Safest Dog Bowl Materials

Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

Dog bowls are available in a lot of materials like plastic, stainless steel, and ceramic. However, steel is the safest and most popular among all. Steel bowls like the "Urpower Dog Bowl" are extremely durable, easy to carry, and clean. A lot of grades on stainless steel bowls are available in the market so one should be careful. The ones which aren’t dishwasher safe indicates inferior quality and thus shouldn't be chosen. Some rare quality steel has been noted to be radioactive too. While making your final purchase, check the quality standards of your steel very cautiously.

Plastic Dog Bowls

Plastic dog bowls are not so common and can disrupt the digestive balance of your pet. They often contain certain chemicals to make the bowls durable. The chances of bacteria accumulation in such bowls are high too. This bacteria can be harmful if your pet ingests it. Ingesting food from low-grade plastic dog bowl can lead to skin problems too. Most vets recommend using as little plastic bowls like BcPowr Plastic Bowls that are safer for your dogs.

Ceramic Dog Bowls

Ceramic bowls like the "Bone Dry DII Lattice Square Ceramic Bowl" is a much better option than plastic but it’s heavyweight and low durability can be an issue for many. Some dogs might find them uncomfortable because of the heaviness. Also, you should be really careful while using a ceramic bowl as a chip or crack can result in major breakage. Since most of the dogs have the habit of nibbling on things, a broken ceramic bowl can cause injury. Aesthetically ceramic bowls can be a winner for some but otherwise, are not very safe for pet use.

Silicone Dog Bowls

Another option that you can go for is Silicone bowls like Hubulk Pet Dog Bowls are the best for travelling. They are easily foldable, comes with a good grip, and takes up very little space in your bag. Thus, if you are a frequent traveller and loves taking your dogs on trips with you, a silicone bowl could be the right choice.

Are Elevated Dog Bowls Better for Dogs?

Elevated dog bowls like the "Forrey Raised Pet Bowl" are generally comfortable and offer a better-eating experience if you have a large dog. Although elevated dog bowls are expensive they are completely worth those few dollars extra dollars. According to vets, raised dog bowls are good for the digestive system of your dog. Their design makes them prone to ants or dirt accumulation. Elevated bowls are available in three kinds of materials- ceramic, steel, and plastic. Such dog bowls are multipurpose for feeding both water and food.

To Sum it Up...

Whichever bowl you go for, remember this is one thing your dog will use every day. A few more dollars for a better eating experience is worth your money for your furry baby. As you know that stainless steels are the best, make sure to check the grade of the steel before buying. Moreover, we strongly suggest you read through the blog that helps you select the ideal Dog Food Bowl for your pet. We hope this blog answers everything that you want to know about your pet bowl. Now you can go ahead and buy a dog bowl that you know will be right for your furry babies.

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