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Deep Fryers Vs. Air Fryers: Which is the Better Pick?

Updated on Sep 3, 2021 by Jessica Parker
deep fryers vs. air fryers

Since the introduction of air fryers, air fryers vs. deep fryers have been a major topic of debate. Many of us find it difficult to let go of deep-fried foods even if air fryers produce delicious foods that look and taste like fried foods. Fried foods have a higher level of side effects, since they produce trans fats that are harmful to the body.

Air fryers like Ultrean Air Fryer allow you to enjoy the same taste as deep-fried foods but with very little or no oil. Food in the air fryers cut back on the oil content by a whopping 80%. Air fryers cut back on the oil and grease helping you to reach your health goals effectively. Read our blog on air fryer baked potatoes for more clarity on how air fryers cuts back the oil content.

How Do Deep Fryers Work?

A deep fryer like T-fal Deep Fryer with Basket works on the principle of letting the food completely submerge in the oil before rapidly frying it. The food is dipped into the cooking chamber's oil inside a gauge pan. Though the food appears crisp like our very favorite French fries, the absorption of oil by the food is harmful to our health. The overall process of deep-frying is quite unhealthy.

How do Air Fryers Work?

The mechanism of air fryers is based on the convection and the circulation of hot air around the food. This bakes the food to perfection at high temperatures. The result is a crisp exterior and a tender interior that resembles deep-fried foods. There is a general similarity between the airflow and deep-frying, except that no oil is used.

An air fryer like Ninja AF101 Air Fryer can also be used to bake or roast your dishes. Air fryers are easy to use and follow the same principles as baking. Air frying, though, has some subtle differences from baking that make the food superior and healthier to consume. Read our dedicated blog on air fryer breakfast recipes to understand more about the functions of an air fryer.

Deep Fryer Vs Air Fryer


Air fryers win this contest if you are looking for a device that can cook in more than one way. The main difference between a deep fryer and an air fryer is that the deep fryer can only fry food, while the air fryer can grill and bake food. Many air fryers also have accessories that allow you to cook in other ways while still using the same apparatus. A good example can be COSORI Air Fryer Max XL. It comes with 13 preset cooking functions and modes for various styles of cooking. This makes it versatile.


Eating and cooking are all about taste. A deep fryer like Secura Electric Deep Fryer would be my choice if you want really good, deep-fried food. Air fryers are great at making food crispy, but they don't make it exactly like deep-fried foods. When you compare the flavors, they are more pronounced in deep-fried foods. The air fryer is great, though, for reheating food like pizza. Read our blog for more information on how an air fryer reheats the food.


Deep-fried food has a thicker, crispier crust since the oil penetrates the food more deeply. Using an air fryer means you'll end up with drier food as the hot air soaks the moisture while cooking. This may result in a crust that is brittle.


The clean-up is significantly easier with an air fryer than a deep fryer since they use little or no oil. Cooking oil can also be messy to dispose of when you use large quantities. Air fryers are therefore better when it comes to cleaning.


Deep frying requires enough oil to submerge the food completely. You can cook foods with an air fryer using a tablespoon of oil or no oil at all.

Deep Fryers Cs. Air Fryers: Which is Healthier Option?

Deep fryers like De'Longhi Livenza Dual Zone are great for people who love deep-fried foods and don't care too much about their health. If you're looking for something that doesn't only fry food but skips out the calories and fat as well, the air fryer will do the trick. Foods that are deep-fried usually pose a health risk. As the food submerges in oil, there is a lot of fat content in it.

A typical air fryer doesn’t use any oil or requires a small amount, reducing the fat in the meal. Health-wise, air fryers are better than stovetop fryers. It is possible to use both an air fryer and a deep fryer in combination to enjoy both styles of food without putting your health at risk.


Fried foods had never left our minds or tastes. Our hectic lifestyles, however, had led to an increase in the prevalence of deep-fried foods. It is for this reason that air-fried foods have taken the place of deep-fried foods.

Now that you have read about know the difference between deep and air fryers, it is advisable that you read through our blog to help you understand air fryers and why you should get one. BestViewsReviews reviews and recommends leading air fryers and convection ovens based on their quality, controls, size, and performance.

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