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Chainsaw Oils: The Way to Maintain Your Chainsaw

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Chainsaw bars and chains require constant maintenance. If these parts of your chainsaw wear out very quickly or they get non-uniform, then the chainsaw oils you use might be at fault here. For the chainsaw to function appropriately, it’s very important to oil it regularly. It prevents your blade from getting damaged and you from getting injured. Choosing the right oil can be really tricky. We’re here to simplify your buying process by this handy guide.

Common Myth about Chainsaw Oils

Chainsaws run with the help of oils that keeps the chain and the motor lubricated. Most people believe that the chainsaw oil is for reducing the friction between the blade and the surface we need to cut. Actually, the oil fills the grooves and lubricated them, which helps you operate your chainsaw at a much higher speed. However, sometimes, adding just adding lubrication is not enough, and thus resetting the chainsaw chain might help.

Standard Chainsaw Oils

Standard oils are petroleum-based and are very useful. Their consistency needs to be perfect for smooth operations. Brands like Stihl and Poulan have specially formulated chainsaw oils for the convenience of users. Petroleum-based oil varies because of the weight and is available for every weather condition.

Alternatives to Chainsaw Oils

Biodegradable oil

Apart from the traditionally available oils, chainsaws are compatible with biodegradable oils as well. Biodegradable oils are good for your skin as well as whichever oil you’re putting on your chainsaw touches your hand too. You need to be cautious about the type of oil you’re using for added comfort. Non-ergonomic oils can also trigger respiratory issues.

Vegetable Oil

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly and ergonomic option, go with vegetable oil. Canola oil is used widely in the industry. Vegetable oil is also thinner. You should avoid using vegetable oil in the cold weather, though.

What to Avoid?

It’s vital to ensure that the type of oil you’re using is very fresh. You should never use recycled oil. Also, do not fill the reservoir while the chainsaw is running to maintain the longevity & keep your chainsaw in the best condition. Moreover, it is important to understand that operating the chainsaw in the right way will also ensure its smooth functioning over a period of time. Thus, make sure to read through our blog on tips to use the chainsaw the right way.


Now that you know everything about oils, your final purchase should become really easy. Be it any outdoor tools like chainsaw or leaf blowers, bio-degradable oils and vegetable oils are popularly preferred for improved function. You can reap the maximum benefits from your saw if you use the right oil. It is after all, the chainsaw oil that is going to keep the motor up and running.

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