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5 Best Electric Warm Blankets For Winter

Updated on Oct 27, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Electric Warm Blankets For Winter

Electric Blankets are blankets that contain unified electrical wires. These blankets are available mainly in four types; under-blanket, over-blanket, throws, and duvets. They come with controls that flow current at different levels. This helps in adjusting the amount of heat a blanket is producing. Electric warm blankets for winter can also be used to preheat the bed before use. These blankets usually consume between 15-115 W of energy but some electric blankets with a low voltage feature can work on 12-24 volts. 

Electric blankets work like heating pads. They have a series of interconnected coil wires protected by a plastic heat-resistant coating. These devices are plugged into your electrical outlet and provide a steady source of heat while using 120V of electricity. The wires heat to the desired temperature and can be used before bed or during sleep. Some people prefer to use electric linen to heat the bed, while others prefer to use it throughout the night.

5 Best Electric Warm Blankets For Winter 

Cozy Sherpa Heated Shawl

The Cozy Sherpa Heated Shawl is made from two different fabrics that are mink fur and silky sherpa. It comes with an extra-long 6ft power cord for easy maneuverability. This blanket also features 2 hours auto-shutoff timer. It comes with a 5-year warranty period that ensures high durability. We label this model as an excellent product for its high fabric quality on the basis of customer reviews and ratings.

Pure Enrichment Deluxe Electric Blanket

The Pure Enrichment Deluxe Electric Blanket has a build-up of luxurious micro mink velvet. The LCD controller of this blanket offers 10 heat settings ranging from 87-105°F and a sleep-friendly light mode. It features 2 controllers for independent heat zones. This blanket is machine-washable ad includes an auto-off timer.

Perfect Fit Electric Blanket

The Perfect Fit Electric Blanket uses luxurious ultra-soft micro-fleece materiall for its construction. The Certified non-hazardous low voltage technology is safe in the presence of moisture and doesn't emit any electromagnetic fields. It has a Giant backlit display with an auto-dimming feature. This blanket has built-in micro-thin wires for conducting heat. This blanket has got good reviews because it distributes heat evenly and also offers sufficient warmth.

FIGERM Electric Heated Throw Blanket

The reviews of FIGERM Electric Heated Throw Blanket show that it is the fastest heating reversible blanket. It is comfortable and comes with a foot pocket. It has an ETC Certification. This blanket comes with 6 levels of heating and a 2-hour auto-off feature. It is machine washable and easy to maintain. 

Homde Electric Blanket

The Homde Electric Blanket is ETL certified. It has a unique design that offers protection from short-circuits. The suitable voltage for this blanket is 120V AC/60Hz. This blanket is machine-washable and dryer-safe. This makes it easy to maintain and use. You can adjust the temperature from 90ºF - 110ºF for this blanket.

Things to Consider While Buying Electric Warm Blankets For Winter


Electric blankets are made from a combination of polyester microfiber or fleece. This blend of fabric prevents potential fire hazards and is interwoven enough to trap and maintain warmth. This material also feels soft and plush. You can occasionally find electric blankets made of acrylic that are not as soft as others. The ones made of cotton are also available but they are more flammable.


Electric blankets are available in all sizes. Single bed electric blankets are of size 90cms x 150cms. Electric blankets for double or king-sized beds are of size 150cms x 180cms. The ones bigger in size are comparatively more expensive than the single bed size.   

Number of settings

Most brands offer blankets with at least three heat levels – low, medium, and high. Electric blankets for double beds come with adjustable heat settings on both sides. The level of heat can be controlled by an attached remote through the flick of a button. Some models also have thermostatic settings that automatically change the heat level of the blanket after every hour. 

Preheat feature

Preheat settings mean that the blanket turns on at its highest temperature for the first 15 to 20 mins and then automatically drops to the setting you select. You can look for blankets that come with preheat feature.

Heating pads are good for heating therapy and come in different types. Read our blog to know everything about heating pads.

Electric Warm Blanket For Winter: FAQs

How Long Do Electric Blankets Stay Warm?

Electric blankets can stay warm all night. They are as effective as heaters. You usually need to run one for around 10-30 mins on an average setting before switching it off. The warm air will be trapped under your blanket and you will be able to keep warm all night.

Can You Leave Electric Blankets on All Night?

Leaving electric blankets ON all night is not a good idea. You can warm up your bed with electric blankets before getting in and then turn them off before falling asleep. The more advanced models feature timers that allow you to fall asleep in a bed. Our customer reviews indicate that manual switches offer enough warmth to keep you comfortable even if you turn them off before falling asleep.

How Do You Wash An Electric Blanket?

We recommend you soak your electric blanket for 15 minutes in cold water with a mild soap before cleaning it. After the blanket has soaked for 2 minutes, wash it in mild soap and water on the "delicate" or "gentle" setting. Rinse it in cold, fresh water and spin it dry.


Electric warm blankets for winter are safe for health and come with a fast-heating feature. They help in expanding blood vessels and promote blood circulation. They also help you relax muscles and joints throughout the body. This relieves fatigue after work and exercise. They are luxurious, comfortable, and easy to use. 

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