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PlumbCraft MAXClean Universal Plunger Holder Drip Tray

Promoting Quick Drying And Making It Easy To Grab When Needed, This Toilet Plunger Holder Is Designed To Fit Any Plunger On The Market To Keep Your Plunger Standing Upright Position, Easy-Grip Handle -

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BVR Rating 401 reviews


  • Features a compact size that makes it easy to carry
  • Equipped with a non-slip handle that makes it comfortable to hold
  • Comes with a dual function that allows to clean and maintain the toilet


  • The plunger may sit out in the open

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  • Users of this product said

    I think it's odd to put a wet plunger on the floor, but I think it's worth it because it seems more durable than I thought.

    The product is made of plastic, but it doesn't feel flimsy.

    I like that it holds the water from my plunger and is less messy than putting it in a bag.

    I think I can use an empty gallon water or milk jug as a substitute for the bulb's air supply, because it will sit in a puddle of whatever.

    Purchase this for another person and they really liked it, it's a great design that fits any plunger, and it catches drips well.

    Question & Answers


    Is it suitable for holding the heavy duty bellows plungers?


    The holder tray's title/description says it fits all plungers, and I have two of these trays and it holds two different kinds of plungers just fine.


    Will this tray fit bellow-style plungers?


    MAXClean Universal Plunger Tray is designed to fit all plungers, including the bellows style.


    Does it fit the Luigi plunger?


    Can you please advise which plunger you have by Luigi so we can better assist? Feel free to contact us at 1-800-531-3342 ext. 3600 Mon-Fri from 8am to 5pm EST and a Product Specialist will be glad to help.


    Has this been tested to see if it will fit with the liquid-Plumr heavy duty toilet cup plunger with plastic grip 18 inch handle?


    I have a big one, but I'm not sure what it is.


    Is the tray antibacterial?


    I'm not sure what antibacterial means in this sense, but it's easier to clean at it's easier to clean than some of the other trays I looked at.

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