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Slime 20088 4-Way Valve Tool with 4 Valve Cores

Consists Of Four Valves Cores To Replace The Ones That Are Removed While Working, Assists In The Removal Of Valve Cores, Reams Inside The Valve, Re-Taps Threads Inside And Outside

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  • Features compatibility with all vehicle valves as well as air conditioning units
  • Consists of four valves cores that replace the ones that are removed while working
  • Equipped with a reams inside the valve that allows for easy opening and closing of the valve


  • May not be suitable for bi-cycle

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  • Users of this product said

    It is a great value at under $2 and can be kept in your glove box, it is small and easy to find, and it is a great tool to have when you need it.

    Great care should be taken not to cross thread the die or taps because they are good quality, but not suitable for cutting new threads in hardened steel, but good enough for repairing threads in a brass valve.

    The tool works well, I have used it on a variety of vehicles, and it fits in tight spots, you can really tell when you have the tool in place on the valve, rather than being offset and not actually turning the valve.

    I bought this tool because I didn't want to use the extra valve cores, but I've already used two of them, and I bought a new bike stroller for my 1 year old, since the ones that came on the trailer were garbage.

    It's easy to use, just screw the new valve in, then pump the tire up with air, and no more leaks, because it's easy to use.

    Question & Answers


    Can I use this to fix the Schrader Valve on my car?


    If you want to keep the A/C system presurized after core removal, you would use a tool that will lose all presure.


    Does it have directions?


    There are no directions, but it tells on back of package what the tool can do, and you can go to YouTube and there are videos on how to use the tool.


    Will these cores work with mountain bike presta stems?


    The stem cores are of the short, car, variety, not of the long spring type usually found in bike tires.


    Are these cores compatible with travel trailer tires?


    Will fit all with a Schrader valve.


    Does this work with crv 2012 tires?


    All car tires in the US use the same valve/stem/cap size.

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