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Super Lube 91003 Silicone High-Dielectric and Vacuum Grease, 3 oz.

3 Oz., Item Package Dimension: 4.799999995104" L X 2.99999999694" W X 1.399999998572", Silicone High Dielectric And Vacuum Grease

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  • Comes in a compact size that makes it easy to carry
  • Equipped with an auto-lube that offers an extended durability
  • Contains silicone that offers smooth and long lasting lubrication


  • May not be ideal for hand pumps

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  • Users of this product said

    It's only 0.5oz., but it's good for lubricating things that move slowly, and it never wears off.

    It is a great grease for mechanics and technicians, it is high temp/low temp, awesome lube, rubber treatment, water seal, and it is also di-electric to boot.

    It's a great value, you can get a small cup of it at the local hardware store, but it's only half the price, and it never wears off.

    It works as expected and I will use it to lube my stabwire. Get this for stabilizer wire and something thin like Tribosys 3204 for the stabilizer stem and you're set.

    It did a good job of lubricating the ends of computer related cables, which caused signal interference.

    Question & Answers


    Is it possible to use it for greasing the car brake caliper slide pins?


    This isn't the right product for that, it has silicone grease, and it's not the right part for the slides on brake calipers.


    Do you think the grease is as thick as wheel bearing grease or vasoline?


    I keep tubes in the garage and on the boat because my boat mechanic recommended a few years back to me and it's very similar in viscosity to either vaseline or bearing grease.


    Is it possible that this would be useful for electrical contacts in a marine environment?


    It's useful, but not the best choice because Super Lube #21030 is compatible with certain plastics and rubbers.


    Is it possible to use this to grease e-bike hub motors?


    I wouldn't say No to your application, but I might be wrong. Dielectric Grease is a protection from corrosion.


    Is there a way to create an air tight seal between a jar and lid with this grease?


    This grease doesn't conduct electricity through itself, nor "metal".

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