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Tera Mortar and Pestle Set with Lid 2 Cup-Capacity

Unpolished Granite Pestle and mortar constructed with thick walls and base. 2 Cup generous capacity can meet all your requirements.Heavy Weight ensures steady use on the countertop. Easy to Clean: Just rinse the pestle and mortar with sponge
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Reasons to buy

  • Comes with one stick-on pad that helps to protect the counter top and stabilize the mortar
  • Constructed with thick walls and base that allows for better stability
  • Made with pure natural granite that does not leave any odor behind


  • The inside edges may be sharp

About Tera Mortar and Pestle Set with Lid 2 Cup-Capacity

Granite mortar and pestle marble rolling pin set are made of unpolished organic granite. It allows using both sides to making recipes or crushing pills, making guacamole, marinade... Pros Large and heavy-duty, suitable for crushing herbs and spices, grinding coffee beans, tea leaves, and masalas... it is not that good for grinding hard stuff like peppers or garlic... It is a little slippery, but it's perfect for small items, such as baby food - it can be used.
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