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WHITIN Men's Minimalist Barefoot Sneakers

elevated sole, a Minimalist sneaker

Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 213 reviews
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Reason to Buy

  • Comes with arch support ergonomic design that offers stability
  • Removable insole makes the shoes easy-to-clean
  • Features rubber outsole that provides excellent grip on any surface

Minor Drawbacks

  • Narrow toe box

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About WHITIN Men's Minimalist Barefoot Sneakers

Knit barefoot sneaker is an exercise in true minimalist style, goes-with-everything style, and all-day comfort. With durability and ergonomic fit, the outsole enables unrestricted & natural movement of the foot. A wider toe box combines with a wider than average shoe box which allows the feet to wiggle freely for pure feel and comfort even during all-day use. Zero Drop Sole Low-to-the-ground for balance and agility. Rubber Outsole Non-marking rubber outsole.

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This product received a total score of 9.65 out of 10, based on review sentiments and user opinions related to 9 features:

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  • Convenience
  • Design
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  • What users have to say about WHITIN Men's Minimalist Barefoot Sneakers

    My toes are finally sitting nice, I walk a few miles at the park on the reg and these are my go-to, they hold up well. These are the most comfortable shoes.

    The shoe is simple and I like that you can remove the insoles to get more floor contact.

    They are simple canvas and not an overt style, and that is something you might be able to get away with in the office.

    These are good shoes for the money and support. You can also style it with formal's. I really love it.

    I got a 12 size because I saw other reviews that said it was too narrow, but they are so comfortable I like them.



    I want to know what are they made from?


    No babies were harmed, it looks like cloth and rubber.


    Is it possible to remove the arch support?


    There is an insole pad, but you can remove it if you want.


    Will you ever offer any other colors with the tan/gum sole?


    You need to contact the Whitn company with the question.


    How would they be if you wore footies or socks inside them?


    If you wore socks, they wouldn't be a problem.


    Does this give off a stinky smell after being used in the water for a while?


    I wore them in Costa Rica and didn't notice a musty smell.

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