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RGB LED Light Bulb

The Light Has 12 Color To Choose From, 3 Levels Of Brightness To Adjust, A Remote Controlled And Color Changing Led Rgb Light Bulb, One Button Night Light Function Can Directly Provide Darker Lights To Meet Sleep Needs., Memory

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Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 2,177 reviews


  • Comes with a remote-controlled design that makes it convenient to use
  • Built-in 12 colour setting provides various lighting effects
  • Features timing function offers convenience in various situations


  • May arrive damaged due to ordinary packaging

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  • Users of this product said

    The best thing about these lights is that they don't require "setup", which means that they don't cause a seizure if the bulb flashes at a rate that can cause a seizure.

    I just uploaded a video of these, going through their color changes in a bright afternoon-lit room, and I added a review because you don't get to say much in the video-only section.

    The bulbs have 3 brightness settings and the wife loves the dim setting, which shuts off the sleep timer when she falls asleep while reading.

    The lights are great, the price is good, and they have a remote that I have used before, but they didn't always work if the internet signal wasn't perfect, and they were around $20 for a single bulb.

    It is great that the brightness can be adjusted so that I don't have to wake my boyfriend up while he sleeps, and that I can have a tranquil blue color on the low setting, which allows enough light to see.

    Question & Answers


    Will it fit in a standard US 60 w bulb sockets or is it only usable with a chandelier size?


    The light bulb base is E26 standard US sockets, the diameter of the screw base is 1 inch, and you can measure it first.


    Is it possible to connect it to my phone instead of using the remotes?


    I have a set that I use to let me know when my wife needs me, but it can also be used to control other things.


    How long will it last?


    It can last for about 6,000 hours.


    I set them up and they are malfunctioning.How do I fix it?


    I have several sets of lights and I think they are some of the best I have ever seen.


    Can they be used outside?


    I don't know as I used them indoors, but I would avoid rain if I did that.

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