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Safetec Sting Relief Wipe (48/Box)

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Reason to Buy

  • Provides temporary relief from pain and itching caused by insect stings and bites
  • Stops the urge to itch that reduces the chance of a secondary infection
  • The no-touch spray applicator offers convenient application

Minor Drawbacks

  • Wipes may dry out

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About Safetec Sting Relief Wipe (48/Box)

Choose from individually wrapped towelettes or the "no-touch" spray applicator. If you can stop the urge to itch, you reduce your chance of a secondary infection.

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  • What users have to say about Safetec Sting Relief Wipe (48/Box)

    We have been using these individual packets to carry our first aid kits and they have been very useful.

    I like buying individual packages for first aid kits because we all have Altoid Tin first aid kits for purses.

    I decided to put a couple in each of the first aid kits I had so it was much cheaper and compact than buying the larger version of the same items.

    We like to package our first aid kits in individual packages, so we prefer these over a tube of anything.

    It arrived quickly, just what I was looking for to refill my backpacking first aid kit.



    Can you tell me the expiration date on these?


    It depends where you buy it and their own inventory, but the batches I received expired in 2016 I think.


    Is it possible that this works with chigger bites?


    I don't know if it works for chigger bites, I bought it for mosquitos' bites and it worked well.


    Will they work for Jelly Sting fish?


    Ammonia is the best for stinging sea creatures.


    Is it possible that they relieve the itch from a sting?


    It's the best thing I have found so far. Try to remove any stingers with a knife or razor first.


    Do they have an expectation date?


    The date is stamped underneath the Exp. and Lot at the bottom of each envelope.

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