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Philips C7 Clear Night Light: 7-Watt

Compact Design, Warm And Comfortable Lighting, E12 Candelabra Bases, E12 Candelabra Base Light Bulb, Dimensional Illumination, These 7 Watt Philips C7 Light Bulbs, Recycled Glass

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  • Comes in E12 bases that makes it compatible with various devices
  • Features a design that offers warm and comfortable lighting adding gentle, decorative illumination
  • Made of recycled glass and packaging material that makes it environment friendly


  • May be small in size

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  • Users of this product said

    The new night lights only come with 4 watt bulbs, which isn't bright enough for me to stay out of the middle of the night, and the 7 watt bulbs are perfect, not too low light, and not bright like the 15 watt bulbs.

    The night-light bulbs are higher wattage than the standard 4W and I like that I don't have to turn on the ugly overhead light all the time. I use a series of nightlights and small lamps to light the way down a long dark hall so I don't

    The nightlight in my bathroom is bright enough that I don't need to turn on the overhead light in the middle of the night, which makes it easier to go back to sleep.

    The 4W kind doesn't light it all up quite enough. They last a long time in the night light and one of the lamps.

    I have been looking for light bulbs that are brighter than the weak 4 watt bulbs that are currently available, and the Philips 415463 7-Watt Clear Night Lights will fill my need, as they seem to be all that is available in today's market.

    Question & Answers


    Which country are they made in?


    I've seen manyPhillips light bulb products that were stated as being made in Mexico, but they were actually made in China.


    What is the color lumins 2800k 3200k?


    The bulb has 45 bright lumens and a color temperature of 2700K.


    Is it possible to use these in my flea trap?


    How do the bulbs work in flea traps?


    What is the height of the night light?


    It's appropriately 2 feet tall.


    Is it possible that these work inside inflatable decorations?


    I haven't tried them for that application.

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