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Hudson Vintage Incandescent 6W Edison Light Bulbs (4 Pack)

Our Vintage 60 Watt Light Bulbs, Base Clear Glass Light Bulb St58 Style Tear Drop Antique Spiral Filament Bulb Set, Tear Drop Design, Our 6W Thomas Edison 'S Original Spiral Cage Filament Bulb, Omni

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  • Comes in a versatile design that makes it suitable for various purposes
  • Features an omnidirectional lighting that enhances brightness
  • Designed in the reflection of Edison original light bulb that emits warm,soft glow


  • Shades may differ

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  • Users of this product said

    The box that Hudson Lighting sells their bulbs in is designed to keep them safe, even though I was terrified my bulbs would be packed the same way.

    I have a clear seeded glass on all of the shades so they will really show up nicely in the lights, and I was very happy with the packaging, it was well packaged in individual packages.

    These lights are great for updating a light or lamp, or they can be used to create a do-it-yourself project like mason jar lamps or bell Jar lamps, which are very popular on the internet.

    The light bulb I tested was very different from the others I have bought and it was lovely looking.

    These lights are really pretty and compliment the kitchen. They give off a nice warm glow and are the stark bright that our last bulbs had.

    Question & Answers


    Can anyone tell me how tall this bulb is?


    The entire bulb length is 5 3/16".


    Is it possible to use these in a non dimmable light?


    I used these bulbs in a bathroom and they are non-dimmable.


    Where do these bulbs come from?


    The bulbs are manufactured in China.


    One of the bulbs died before I installed it, so I'm wondering if it's possible that it's still not installed a week after it's been installed.


    Two of the bulbs went out in a week and one of them was completely dim by the time they ordered another set of bulbs.


    Does the glass have a yellow/orange tint to it, or is it clear?


    The bulbs are clear, thanks for the question!

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