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Guardsman 471000 Protect & Preserve Repels Stains

Protect And Preserve 8.4 Oz, Improves Stain And Soil Resistance, Leather Furniture & Car Interiors, Protect & Preserve Repels Stains

Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 114 reviews
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Reason to Buy

  • The formula creates an invisible barrier that protects the leather against premature aging
  • Prevents irreversible damage from penetrating stains and offers easy/effective cleaning
  • pH-balanced formula protects while keeping the leather soft and supple

Minor Drawbacks

  • Has an unpleasant odor

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About Guardsman 471000 Protect & Preserve Repels Stains

Guardsman products include polishes and cleaners for fine wood, leather, and fabric furniture. Also offers a complete line of furniture maintenance products for touch-up, repair, and spot cleaning. Available in 8.5 oz. Bottle or convenient 20ct wipes. Protect & Preserve for Leather protects leather's original feel and color, which keeps it looking its best and feeling soft and supple. Not for use on suede or nubuck leather.

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This product received a total score of 8.57 out of 10, based on review sentiments and user opinions related to 5 features:

  • Packaging
  • Effectiveness
  • Overall performance
  • Color
  • Value for money
  • What users have to say about Guardsman 471000 Protect & Preserve Repels Stains

    The damaged part of the couch only needs one application of the protectant/finish, so I don't hesitate to pile it on the undamaged part after cleaning the damaged part.

    It stops the way that sulight breaks down organic matter, in this case formerly living cow skin, but you might think that building it up over and over without using the cleaner on problem areas would work better, but I found that it works better if you do use the cleaner.

    It protects the leather from drying out and is good for 3 years after I bought it.

    This product is the only leather polish/preserver that I use at my job, it's easy to apply, and it's worth the money.

    I picked this product because it has taken the cracks out of the leather on my chair, which is 20 years old.



    Is it a spray?


    You put it on a sponge, it's not a spray.


    Is it possible that it will help to prevent decoloration for my black and white stripes leather shoes?


    I only use them for a leather sofa.


    Is this product suitable for use on aniline leather?


    Not familiar with that leather.


    Body chemicals can cause leather furniture to be bleached. Will this product protect it?


    I'm not a chemist but it seems to protect and repel all stains for me, so I think that's a good thing.


    Is this product free of toxic substances?


    If you drink it or get it in your eyes, it's definitely toxic, but I've been using it for 20 years and it's great for fine leather furniture.

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