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Avanti Portable Compact Washing Machine, 0.84 Cu. Ft. Capacity

0.84 cu. ft. Capacity, 8 Automatic Preset Programs, Electronic Control, LED Display, Transparent Window, 300 RPM Maximum Spin Speed, 800 RPM Maximum Spin Speed, 78 dB Noise, 110 Volts, Top Load, Cotton, Care and Use Manual
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Reasons to buy

  • Comes in compact and space-saving design that makes it easy to store and move
  • Built-in one-touch button controls with LED display offers quick and easy operation
  • Features top-load design that allows for easy loading and unloading of the clothing


  • The water may not drain adequately at times

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About Avanti Portable Compact Washing Machine, 0.84 Cu. Ft. Capacity

The Avanti Portable Compact Washing Machine is an ideal choice for those looking for a space-saving solution for their laundry needs. With a 0.84 cubic feet capacity, this top-load washer is perfect for apartments, condos, dorm rooms, RVs, and other small spaces. Its electronic controls, LED display, and transparent window make for easy operation, and eight preset programs make it simple to choose the ideal settings for each load. With a maximum spin speed of 300 RPM and a noise level of only 78 dB, this powerful yet quiet washer is a great choice for any small space.

Ease and Convenience with Avanti Portable Compact Washing Machine

This Washing Machine is a great choice for those who are looking for a compact, convenient, and lightweight machine that is easy to move around and does not require a lot of space. Additionally, It comes with all the necessary attachments for hooking up to the sink, and it also features an inner locking lid to keep children out. However, the fill time may be lengthy but this is due to bad water pressure rather than the machine itself. It was able to fit five tank tops and four leggings in one load, which is impressive considering its size. Furthermore, the clothes came out clean and spun dry quickly, making them a great appliance even without a portable dryer.

Improving User Experience With Directions & Design Flaws

Some users found that the tub was quite small and had difficulties fitting multiple towels in as it only seemed to fit two towels at most. There were also issues with having to put soap and laundry in first before turning on the machine. Moreover, some users found that the price was quite expensive compared to other brands.

A Hassle-free Solution for Doing Laundry

The BVR verdict is, despite some of its flaws, many customers still find that Avanti Portable Compact Washing Machine is still a convenient solution for doing laundry in small spaces like apartments or dorms. It has great features such as being lightweight and easily movable with handles along with being able to fit multiple items per load and spinning them dry quickly.

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