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Jetstream Lightweight Luggage with Softside, Carry On Suitcase

Softside Carry,up to 18 lbs,2 Inline Wheels,a 250 lb weight capacity,reversible handle
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About Jetstream Lightweight Luggage with Softside, Carry On Suitcase
81% were impressed with the durable shell
I have stuffed the case pretty tight and the quality is good so far.
I find the shell to be durable but thin. It doesn't offer great protection but won't break easily.
The top handle is heavy-duty and double riveted, and the zipper pulls are of higher quality.
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and durability of the bag despite its low price.
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90% appreciated the lightweight design
The carry-on is functional, light and has a tall enough handle for an adult, but the quality is not the highest.
The carry-on is lightweight and serves the purpose.
My carry-on is very lightweight and smaller than the max-allowed carry-on size.
The carry-on is super light.
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82% highlighted the well-designed compartments
I suggest using the netted pouch inside the case and zipped outer compartments to make use of this small carry on for minor belongings.
I found two zip up compartments on the outside of the bag to be surprisingly deep.
89% found the carry-on easy to move, while 11% faced difficulties
The carry-on is of good quality and lightweight.
The suitcase moves well, but only forward and backward, not sideways.
I loved the size of the bag and found it easy to get in the overhead bin.
I had no issues with the handle and it rolled smoothly.
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82% praised the carry-on's wheel quality, but 18% disagreed
The wheels roll smoothly and the handle locks in the up position.
I can only roll the wheels front to back, making it impossible to roll sideways down the aisle of an airplane.
My carry-on's wheels do not touch the floor because the wheel covers hit the surface.
My suitcase has one wheel that stubbornly sticks in place while the other works well enough.

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