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Endurax Large Camera Backpack

Travel Comfortably Small Camera Backpack, Large Camera Backpack Waterproof Compatible, A Pva Armored Front Panel, Storage Friendly Pocket, Water Resistant Polyester Material, Endurax Waterproof Camera Backpack, A Side Pocket

Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 260 reviews
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Reason to Buy

  • Features ventilated back padding that allows to travel comfortably with any weight load
  • Built-in PVA-armored front panel provides optimal protection to the valuable gears
  • Equipped with a side pocket that helps to store water bottle or umbrella

Minor Drawbacks

  • May not be water-proof

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  • What users have to say about Endurax Large Camera Backpack

    The bag is well constructed and sturdy, and it feels like a lot of time went into designing it, with great attention to detail, as there are all the small unremarkable features that together create a bag designed for the photographer in mind.

    I use it to hold my Canon 5D, 3 lens, flash, and accessories, and it fits nicely, there is a bottle and a tripod pouch, and there is a small pockets outside the tripod pouch.

    I was able to fit my equipment in a tight space, thanks to the rubber top and the Zipper expansion. The rubber top gives me peace of mind that my equipment is protected.

    It has a nice zip and two side pockets that can hold a tripod or water bottle, so far I use that for my iPad, but it doesn't fit if I have too much gear in the bag.

    The bag is well constructed and sturdy, and feels like a lot of time went into designing it, as there are all these smaller features that together create a bag designed for the photographer in mind.



    Is it large enough to fit in a 2 camera body with lens attached?


    Yes. It's large enough to fit two cameras with the lens attached as shown in the photo.


    Which panels are more hard or soft?


    The bag is made of hard poly panels and has extremely safe protection for cameras and lens.


    Can anyone tell me if the bag has held up for a mavic pro?


    I like the hard shell type cover.


    Does it have a battery pack?


    This camera backpack comes with several padding to fit gears, it's large enough to fit a dslr with a battery pack.


    Will the bag protect your gear if you fall on it?


    I think it would be fine if it were a light fall, but if someone over 180 lbs fell right on it, I don't think it would hold up.

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