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iHealth Neo Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, Upper Arm Cuff

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About iHealth Neo Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, Upper Arm Cuff
67% liked the cuff size and fit, although 33% found it uncomfortable
The cuff is too big for my arm and it's difficult to make it snug.
I compared the readings of this unit with a regular cuff and stethoscope and found that the readings were higher by up to 25 points, especially on the systolic.
I had to readjust the cuff and perform the test again, but the readings were still inaccurate.
I could not position the cuff to the correct position because I live alone.
82% appreciated the power source, although 18% found it less reliable
I only had to charge the battery once during all this time.
I only have to charge my device every couple of weeks with my 5-10 readings per day. When I was checking more often, I would need to charge it every few days, but I still find it reasonable.
The new BP monitor is easy to charge and the power source is contained in the arm cuff, eliminating the need for cords and tubing.
If I leave the app on the start window, the battery drains rapidly.
71% appreciated the memory and data storage
Once I sync the device to my iPhone, the data is ported over via the iHealth app and incorporated into the data within the Apple Health app.
85% highlighted the accuracy, yet 15% found it inconsistent
Compared to other blood pressure monitors, this device provides consistent and accurate readings.
I have been using the readings in between doctor's appointments and they appear to be accurate.
I compared the readings with home healthcare nurses monitors and found the product accurate.
I have compared the readings of the blood-pressure-monitor with professional equipment and it seems pretty accurate.
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