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Wi-Fi Router Guard: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
Wi-Fi Router Guard

A Wi-Fi router is an absolute essential in today’s times as the internet has become a necessary part of our lives. A router helps in stabilizing and spreading the internet bandwidth around the area for easy access to the internet. A router guard is installed to block the harmful radiations emitted by it. However, not all guards are as effective and the user should conduct proper research before buying. We’re here to make things simpler for you! In this Wi-Fi router guard buying guide, we’ll highlight all the important points so that you can make the right purchase for your house or office. Wi-Fi routers like Linksys Wi-Fi router provide good network connectivity, so we suggest you can take a look at the Ultimate Troubleshoot Guide of Wi-fi router that gives you every solution to combat any errors or technical glitches.

What are Wi-Fi Radiations?

Before digging in deeply about the product, it’s integral to know what are the risks involved. A Wi-Fi router emits certain radio frequencies that come in the low and non-ionizing range. These radiations are similar to the ones that your mobile phone emits. The only difference here is that these frequencies can work through walls. This means that these frequencies are emitted continuously and causing health hazards. Thus, remember to install it away from the place where you usually work from.

Why is a Wi-Fi Router Guard Important?

Research and studies conducted by various universities tell us that these frequencies can affect our sleep schedule badly. These radiations work against the sleep-inducing hormone- melatonin. If you have the router in close proximity to your sleeping area, the quality of your sleep might reduce significantly. And we all know that less sleep can cause various diseases. However, with a guard, you can block these radiations and live comfortably. A Wi-Fi router guard like D-Link Wi-Fi Router acts as a shield against these harmful frequencies. Its shape is like a cage and your router can easily fit in. A guard can provide you up to 95% protection from such harmful radiations. Easily available at sites like Amazon, the product is slowly taking over various markets.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Wi-Fi Router Guide

Size of Wi-Fi Router Guard

The size should be well calculated and be according to the size of your router. If the router fits easily, all your subsequent tasks will get simple. And in case you switch to a larger router in the future, it’s recommended to go with a big guard so that it can hold a larger variety of routers.

Material of Wi-Fi Router Guard

If the router’s construction is in stainless steel, it will last you many years. Unlike copper, stainless steel is durable and can efficiently block up to 95% of the radiation.


Some Router guards come in fabric pouches and can accommodate many devices inside your home. A pouch is really easy to use and durable too. Your antennas can be easily accommodated too and without hampering the speed of your Wi-Fi.

Protection of Wi-Fi Router Guard

The guard should ensure at least 90% protection from the harmful radiation. Anything below that is simply not worth your time and money. Therefore, reading the description of the product carefully before a purchase will help. Additionally, make sure to check out the featured section of some of the best terminals and ends, that helps you connect cables in a safe and secured manner, avoiding any network interruptions.

The Bottom Line

Today, in this tech-savvy world, modern devices like Inkjet printers or router guards are essential for sustaining a lifestyle that guards you against technological side effects. There are some Wi-Fi Routers like TP-Link Wi-Fi Router that offers parental control to add to the security, thus minimising the occurrence of any errors or issue. If you live with your family and friends, a Wi-Fi router guard can save them from health risks efficiently. The worst part about radiations is that they happen over prolonged exposure but affect us to maximum levels. With the internet being one of the essentials of daily lives today, we should focus on getting the maximum out of technology while keeping ourselves out of harm’s way. If you are on the lookout for a suitable wi-fi router, we recommend you can read the blog that assists you to elevate your doubts about its operations and troubleshoot minor errors, so that you use the router in the right way.

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