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Why Should You Buy a Laptop Desk?

Updated on Sep 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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A laptop desk is a portable desk that is used as a stand for your laptop and other accessories. It solves the problem of keeping a laptop close at hand while still having a free workspace to work. Lap desks are laptop desks that are placed on the lap. There are various types of laptop desks based on their intended use.

Buying a laptop desk can be a confusing task and that is why you should consider a few factors before buying. Continue reading to know about the benefits of buying a laptop desk.

Is it Worth Buying a Laptop Desk?

The laptop desk is undoubtedly a worthy purchase. We have listed a few of its benefits below, Take a look.

Less Strain on Eyes

Working on laptops placed at improper heights can cause eyestrain and neck pain. The laptop desk is the best solution to this problem. It elevates your laptop at the right height (screen to eye level), giving you the right posture and preventing neck or eye strain.

The right laptop desk can also help you improve your gaming experience. It gives you long hours of playtime. Make sure you buy only the best 4K gaming laptop that meets your gaming requirements.

Improved Typing Speed

The comfortable sitting and right posture can result in improved typing speed. You can sit in a position that best fits your working style, with a laptop desk. Ideally, to type fast, your back should be straight and your elbow should be bent at a 90-degree.

Ensures a Clutter-Free Space

A clutter-free workspace increases your productivity and efficiency. Keeping all the accessories including mouse, drives, and external attachments in one single place reduces your clutter. A laptop desk can provide you with better organization and a clutter-free working environment.

Better Care of Laptop

The right laptop desk is crucial in taking proper care of your laptop. Elevating your device improves airflow and prevents the heating of internal components.

Types of Laptop Desk

Standing Desk

A standing desk is a table that allows you to work on your laptop by standing. You can add a chair to have a sitting option with this unit. This desk usually comes in a width of around 47" and a height ranging between 28"- 45".

Writing Desk

Writing desk serves multiple purposes along with holding your laptops and decor essentials. You can place your favorite diaries and books, and make it your perfect writing space. It often has a pull-out drawer that stores supplies like a pen, pencils, and others.

Compact Desk

The compact desk is relatively smaller than its other counterparts. It offers better management of computer accessories and features several utility drawers. A compact desk is an ideal desktop desk, and can also be used as a laptop desk. It has a separate section for printers, mouse, CPUs, keyboards, and other parts.

Portable Desk

A portable laptop desk is a bed desk or lap desk. It is the most popular type among all others. The reason behind its popularity is its simple design, lightweight, easy set-up, and portable nature. You can keep this desk on your lap for raising your laptop at the eye-to-screen level.

How to Choose Best Laptop Desk?


It's important to determine your usage style before buying a laptop table. You can go with standing desks if you want a roomy workspace for keeping your laptop. The other types of laptops serve different purposes. The laptop tray is your best if you are looking for a portable model.

Size and Weight

Considering the size and weight of your selected model is important. The size and weight of your desk will tell you about portability and easy handling. At the same time, you should not go with extreme compact models that do not even feature enough space to hold your laptops. Make sure you check the width and height of the desk before buying.


The high-quality build and material will ensure the high durability of your desk. You can prefer wood-made desks for their sturdiness, but they are not lightweight. The plastic ones are easy to move, but they don’t last for long. You should go with materials that are durable and portable, like aluminum.


The price range of laptop desks can vary from $15 to $100. You can go with any model that best suits your budget and needs. Make sure you don't end up buying a model that doesn't last long. You can do a bit of online research to know more about your selected model.

The high-end gaming laptops can come with costlier price tags. They feature powerful processors and more RAM storage. Read our blog to understand how much RAM you need for gaming.

Buy Best Laptop Desks

SAIJI Adjustable Stand

The SAIJI Adjustable stand is an ergonomically designed desk that elevates your laptop to the proper typing height and position. This laptop table comes with a detachable tray that can be easily removed and set to 4 different angles. It measures 23.6 x 17.7 In and weighs around 9.92 lbs.

HUANUO Lap Laptop Table

The HUANUO Lap Desk is made of wood, foam cushion, and plastic. Lap desks protect your lap from laptop heat while providing a comfortable place for you to use your computer. Carrying and using it is easy because of the portable design. This desk is suitable for laptop size of up to 15.6", but it has no mouse pad.

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

The LapGear Home Office Lap Desk with Device Ledge, Mouse Pad, and Phone Holder is the ultimate lap desk for your laptop, iPad, tablet, or e-reader. This sleek and convenient lap desk can hold up to a 15.6-inch laptop. The high-quality, scratch-resistant white marble top is easy to clean and slides under a bed or your couch when not in use.

SUPERJARE Bed Desk Laptop Table

The SUPERJARE Bed Desk Laptop Table is a great companion for your laptop, tablet, or cup of coffee. It is light and compact,, making it easy to set up and move around. The table also has ample space in the bottom, so you can stretch your feet under it. This desk measures 23.1" x 16.2" x 10.1" in size.

Mind Reader LTADJUST-BLK Lap Top Desk

The Mind Reader LTADJUST-BLK Adjustable Lap Top Desk is a portable and practical desk that can be adjusted from 8 positions to suit your needs. It includes a built-in cushion to provide support and comfort. The tabletop is large enough for your laptop, tablet, or book. This desk is made of plastic material and measures 11 x 14.76 x 2.17 inches.


Modern desktops are sleek, lightweight, and provide the most value for your money. If you regularly use your laptop, the weight distribution of the laptop’s weight on your lap will cause your back to hurt. The right laptop desk will ease the strain and will make working a comfortable experience for you.

Deciding between touch screen laptops and non-touch laptops can be tough. Check our blog on touch screen laptops vs non-touch laptops.

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