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Loud Bluetooth Speakers: How to Choose?

Updated on Jul 24, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Loud bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers are smart devices designed for convenience. Loud Bluetooth speakers can be a nuisance, so finding the right speaker becomes essential. Bluetooth speakers are portable devices that allow you to stream music wirelessly from your devices. It is convenient to use this feature since it does not require a cable. For example, connecting car audio to your phone or connecting a laptop to your phone requires Bluetooth function.

How Can you Tell If a Bluetooth Speaker is Loud?

Loudness is measured in decibels. You should consider this number when picking Bluetooth speakers if you like to listen to high volumes. The manufacturer specifies the maximum wattage any Bluetooth speaker can handle. Loud Bluetooth speakers are sensitive and can produce a loud sound with a small amount of amplifier power. Make sure your amp isn't providing more power than your speakers can handle. It may damage your speakers and also make them loud.

Manufacturers often drop the SPL/W/M and state the dB on the package to keep things simple. Most Bluetooth speakers have sensitivities that fall between 85 and 91 decibels. Anything less than 85 decibels isn't as loud. A 10 decibel increase in volume doubles the loudness of the sound. Even the modest increase in decibel levels has a significant impact on your ears.

How Loud Should the Bluetooth Speakers Be?

Sound levels of 70 dBA or less are generally considered safe. Any sound that is at or above 85 dBA has a higher chance of damaging your hearing over time. Studies have found that people exposed to 85 dBA or greater noise levels are at a much higher risk of hearing loss. The louder the sound, the more damage your hearing might cause.

How to Choose Bluetooth Speakers with Good Sound?

Audio Quality

A Bluetooth speaker with good sound quality is always the first thing to look for. All of us have our preferences and tastes for sound quality. It is advisable to check four to five speakers of different brands or models and compare their sound quality before you decide to buy. You can also browse through smart speakers to know your buying options.

Battery Life

An essential feature that you should consider while buying Bluetooth speakers is their battery life. A speaker with a short battery life will inevitably degrade your music listening experience. If it takes a long time to charge, it will be troublesome for you to keep charging it for long every time the battery drains out. Make sure you check the product's battery life before purchasing.

Speakerphone Capability

Bluetooth connectivity should be steady and free of lags. Choose a wireless speaker that has Bluetooth version 4.1 or higher. An intelligent feature to look for in a Bluetooth speaker is a built-in microphone, which allows you to accept/reject calls hands free. The speakers used in newer models come with a background noise reduction feature. It is advisable to check these features before you buy.


Bluetooth speakers are compact and portable, allowing you to carry them on your trips and outings. They occupy less space, and you can use them whenever you like. These factors make them ergonomic and convenient.


The newer models of wireless speakers come with a modern and intuitive design that fits current trends. Bluetooth speakers are available in both plain sleek models and vibrant, multicolored designs. Some websites also offer customized Bluetooth designs for your speaker. Go with something that suits your taste.

Audio Power

It is a parameter that is specified on the packaging of Bluetooth speakers. It is stated in watts. For example, ten watts is sufficient power, but the speakers' efficiency for 10 watts won't make it efficient. Larger rooms and outdoor use require more power. Be sure to consider power also, when making your decision. If you are looking for higher sound levels, read our blog on UTV soundbars, as they offer a great sound quality.

How to Make Bluetooth Speakers Louder?

Check the Room Area

If you're going to use your Bluetooth speaker in ample, open space, the sound clarity won't be ideal. This is because the sound waves will be far apart to help you hear adequately. To make Bluetooth speakers loud, placing the speaker in a constricted space will help. The first thing you should do is check the room's size. Once you've done that, you'll be able to locate the ideal location for the speaker. When sound bounces off of walls, the volume of the sound increases. Open space causes the sound to go further away.

Place It On The Floor

If you place the speaker on the floor, the sound of the speaker will be loud. Once you place the speaker on the ground, the sound waves flow naturally. This results in a clear and unfiltered sound. Placing your Bluetooth speaker in the center of the room and on the floor will yield great results.

Place It Against A Wall or Close To The Corner of the Room

Your walls can act as a sound amplifier. If you don't want to buy extenders, this is one of the natural ways to increase the volume of your Bluetooth speaker. By positioning the speaker in the ideal location, you can get up to 25% greater volume from the highest setting. This can change depending on the distance between the wall and the type of walls you have. You should also consider any nearby furniture that could distort or weaken the sound, such as couches.

Buy the Best Bluetooth Speakers

The MusiBaby Bluetooth Speaker

The MusiBaby Speaker is a lightweight, compact wireless speaker that is ideal for daily use. Its advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology can connect with your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices from up to 33 feet.

It is compatible with the iPad, iPod, iPhone, and other kinds of Bluetooth-enabled devices. This speaker comes with a built-in mic that allows you to use it as a speaker when driving. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery that helps you charge it by connecting it to your computer's USB port.

The MuGo Bluetooth Shower Speaker

MuGo Bluetooth shower speaker is a Bluetooth speaker that you can conveniently mount. It has a suction cup to stick to your bathroom mirror, tile wall, glass shower door, or any smooth surface. It is also dustproof and shockproof and rated IPX7 waterproof. Its waterproof feature makes it ideal for use in the shower. MuGo speakers are unique, powerful, and wireless, and you can carry them around wherever you go.

The OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker

ThisOontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker is powerful and delivers an impressive sound, crystal clear highs, and booming bass. This compact speaker is the perfect companion for any adventure. The Angle 3 is fully waterproof and features a new intuitive design with touch-sensitive buttons. You can even connect two Angle 3's wirelessly for an actual stereo sound experience. You can even manage your music and take calls from the beach, pool, or shower.

The LENRUE Bluetooth Speaker

The LENRUE Bluetooth Speaker is a rugged, high-quality wireless speaker that delivers impressive sound quality. One can connect it to their phone through Bluetooth or Aux-in or use the cord to connect to your device directly. It features a significant 6.2" driver and a big bass port for premium sound. Lenrue Bluetooth speakers help you to experience your music loud and clear. This speaker is perfect for tailgating, outdoor activities, and parties.

The DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker

The DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker features a 20-watt stereo speaker for a rich and powerful sound. It has a bass-reflex port for deep bass and dual passive subwoofers for enhanced bass. The speaker also has a built-in rechargeable battery allowing you to take the speaker with you. It has a decent playing time of up to 20 hours. The built-in microphone enables you to take calls on the speaker, while the LED lights offer convenience.


Bluetooth speakers come in a wide range of styles and can be purchased from a variety of retailers. Some are affordable, while others are expensive due to various features and brands. Depending on what you want, go with the ones that offer both quality and performance. BestViewsReviews rates and ranks hundreds of Bluetooth speakers based on sound quality, connectivity, design, and battery life. 

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