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What Size Table Runner Do I Need?

Updated on May 13, 2021 by Jessica Parker
What Size Table Runner Do I Need?

Table runners have been a popular way of adding a unique touch to how a table is set for many years now. But for most people buying a table runner is a challenge due to the size and material. So, people often ask, "What size of table runner do I need?" Well, to answer this question, we have crafted this, easy to read the article.

But before we begin, let us brush through some basics. What is a table runner? A table runner is a large piece of cloth or other fabric material used to cover a table. They are generally long enough to hang down on both sides of the table and wide enough to cover the top. They come in use for decoration and other practical purposes.

Getting the right size table runner is important. It should neither hang too much down the edge nor stay short. They should neither cover the entire table nor should come in a much wider style. So, read below to find out the answer to this question.

Should Table Runner Hang Over Edge Table?

If you’re in the market for a new table runner, perhaps you’ve wondered whether a table runner should hang over the edge of a table. The quick answer is yes! Table runners hang around 6 inches or more on either side. If your table runner isn’t long enough to hang to the floor, it won’t offer the full benefit of protecting your table.

However, if you have pets at home, it’s better not to have your table runners hang over the edge of the table. Otherwise, your table runners will be attacked by your cat's sharp claws, and it will give an ugly appearance to the overall setting. But if your table runners are scratch-resistant, consider hanging them over the edges.

Can a Table Runner be Shorter Than the Table?

A top-of-the-table runner serves to protect the table and to make it look more elegant, but it is not a necessity to get your table to be protected. Runners are especially popular when you have a dining table because they will help to prevent possible spillages from spoiling your carpet. But, if you have a large dining table, then a runner might not be long enough to cover the entire length of the table.

Moreover, you can also employ your regular-sized tables with shorter table runners. It is a popular practice to flaunt your table's design and good looks.

How do You Measure for a Table Runner?

In order to purchase a designer Table Runner, you need to be sure of the size you need. With so many sizes available, prepare yourself with some simple information. Before you plan your Table Runner shopping trip, be sure to measure your table, so you can be sure of the size you will need.

First, measure the length of your table and add the length that you want to hangover. Don't forget to add it twice. For example, for a 6-inch hangover length, add 12 inches to the total length of the runner. Next, measure the width of your table. You will want a runner with a width of at least 1/3 of the total width of the table.

How Long Should a Table Runner Be For a 6-Foot Table?

For a 6-foot table, ideally, a runner with 84 inches length makes a suitable choice. This is because it will cover your table length and will also hang over the edges. But, it is not necessary to go with 84-inch runners only. You can also go with 72 inches model and even shorter runners measuring 42 and 70 inches long.

The right length of your table runner depends on how you want to decorate your table and how it will complement your home decor.

Table Runner Dimensions for 8-Foot Table

A table runner can decorate all sorts of tables, including ones with four legs, coffee tables, and even an 8-Foot Table. Of course, for the 8-foot table, you need to decide the length that can be seen and add a perfect touch of elegance and beauty to your table. For lengthy runners, you can consider runners that are 108 inches long.

If you are looking to invest in shorter runners, else be aware that short runners may not be seen due to placing so many keepsakes. Therefore, when planning to decorate your 8-Foot Table, look for at least 40 to 50-inch long variants.

What Size Table Runner do I Need for a 60 Inch Round Table?

Round table, usually, equip a table cloth. We recommend, do not hang it over 2 or 3 inches on the edges. For a 60 inch round table, short-length runners are the popular preference. You can consider choosing a model that is 72 inches in length. While selecting the width, you can follow a 1/3 size thumb rule, or you can also go with more width of around 15 inches.

Table Runner Size for 72 Inch Round

With 72 Inch Round table, the runner that you selected for the 6-foot size table will work. This means, even for 72 Inch Round, you can go with the 84-inch table runner. But, since round tables don't have long hangovers, you can also prefer 72-inches table runners.

For choosing the right width, you can again follow the 1/3 rule. That is, you can select models that are 24 inches or 2 feet wide.

Table Runner Size for 90 Inch

For 90-inch tables, look for a table runner that is about 102 inches long. But, if in case you need an overhanging length of just 3 inches, go with 96-inch runners. The right width for your runner should be 30 inches, which is again derived from the 1/3 size rule.

Table Runner Size for 48 Inch

The 48-inch tables are generally smaller than its other counterparts. Thus, employ a runner that is about 60 inches long and 16-inch wide. However, this is not a must-go size. You can even prefer varied lengths based on what suits best on your table.


Decorating your dining table with a table runner can add a touch of color to your space and help you make a statement about yourself as a host and an individual. This is a way to make a mark on your design scheme with just one simple element. You can create a theme for your table runner or choose a color and a pattern you like.

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