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Things to Consider Before Buying a Smoke Detector

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Buying smoke detectors

Buying the right smoke detector is not an easy task. Smoke Detectors are one of the important safety gadgets one should have in a house. Smoke detectors can detect any smoke or fire immediately and blare out loud alarms to aware others of it.

There are a zillion questions that come to mind while buying a safety gadget like smoke detectors. Question like, which type to buy, which brand to go for, which features are useful etc. often crop up when buying smoke detectors. How to know you're getting a good one? To help you with your search, we have put together a list of things that you can consider when buying smoke detectors.

Things to Consider While Buying a Smoke Detector

Power Type

Identifying the power type of smoke detector is important before you invest. There are major two types of smoke detectors: battery and hard-wired. The hard-wired smoke detector comes with wires. They usually connect to your home electrical supply with a back-up of around a day. Battery-powered smoke detectors are wireless and offer a convenient operation. So, it is advisable to buy as per your requirements.

Alarm Type

It is important to determine the alarm type before buying a smoke detector. Alarm types can be classified into ionized alarms and photoelectric alarms.

Ionized alarms have electrodes that produce a low current through the ionized air. If any type of smoke or gas is predicted, the current gets disrupted ,and the alarm goes off, alerting the housemates. These are better in detecting small flames or fires too.   

Photoelectric alarms have a light sensor and a light beam for the detection process. Generally, the light beam is away from the sensor, but when there is fire, the smoke particles scatter the beam. This causes light to fall on the sensor thus, tripping the alarm.


It is important to know the life span and warranty of the product before the purchase. The lifespan of an ideal smoke detector is for 10 years or more if maintained well. There are detectors with shorter life-span too, but as long it meets the safety standards, there is usually no need to change them.


As most homes have over three or four Smoke Detectors. It is advised to go with the variants that can be connected so that if one detector goes off, all the others go off as well, thus alarming everyone in the house.  


Most Smoke Detectors cost you around USD 10 and are affordable. However, if you want more features, the cost increases. Detectors that sense Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) require more investment.  

Some Best Smoke Detectors for You

Onelink Smoke Detector

This Onelink smoke detector is Alexa enabled, with a state of art Omni-directional speaker to alert you in case of fires. With a remote connectivity feature, voice alerts, a product-specific app to track battery and sound support AirPlay 2, this smoke detector can be certainly a safe edition for a secured life.

First Alert Dual Sensor

This battery-operated First Alert smoke detector features both photoelectric and ionization sensor. This makes them extra sensitive to fires and smolders. With a single test, silent button, and loud 85-decibel siren, this smoke detector has been a trusted brand since its inception.

4-Pack Battery Operated Smoke Detectors

This battery-operated smoke detector comes with no mess or wires and in a package of 4 detectors for convenience. Featuring a quick response sensor, 85-decibel alarm, auto-adjustment feature and safe built, this gadget comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Alert Pro Smoke Detector

This Alert Pro smoke detector comes with a lithium battery, environment-friendly material, rapid sensors and a 5 years manufacturer warranty. This 10-year battery smoke detector is easy to install and works seamlessly for long.

First Alert BRK Smoke Detector

This First Alert smoke detector features an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensing, indicator alarm, easy compatibility and simple to use button. This smoke detector with its advanced features meets all the UL standards.

The Bottom Line   

Depending on your personal needs, you can decide on a suitable smoke detector. It is vital to study all the points to get the right system installed. Smoke Detectors can save lives and should be bought at the earliest.

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Happy shopping to you!

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