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Things to Consider Before Buying a Mini Projector

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
Mini projector

Be it for professional or personal use, a mini-projector projects the image you want to see onto a larger surface, enhancing your viewing experience invariably. With a customizable screen size, the projector can produce very large images. As the cost per inch is much lower than a TV, it can deliver a theatre-like experience without a hefty expense.  

While you’re set for buying a new mini projector, you might find that all the models look similar. There are also video projectors that you can use for an enhanced viewing experience. However, the thing to note here is that the specifications can vary largely. Hence, we bring you a blog mentioning all the things to consider before taking a plunge to make a wise choice.  

Contrast Ratio  

The difference between dark and light areas on the screen is the contrast ratio which can change your overall viewing experience. The screen quality and ambient light are the factors that affect the contrast ratio. As a general rule of thumb, you should go with a ratio of 1000:1 or above.  


Higher resolution results in crisp and clear picture quality. If you are planning to use your projector for work, it is very important to find a projector with high-resolution like QKK Mini Projector. For a mini projector, 854×480 px is decent and provides a great playback. Hence, always look for a resolution equal to this or higher.  

Ease of Use 

The initial installation process can require some help. However, with portable projectors like Apeman Mini Projector, the installation process is straightforward, and if you have a projector with wireless capabilities, the process becomes even easier.  

If your projector is powered by an operating system, the added features and configurations allow you to use it smoothly.  

Throw Distance and Positioning  

A mini projector like Crenova Mini Projector generally supports either short throw or ultra-short throw. With short-throw, the positioning ranges between 3 to 8 feet, and with an ultra-short throw, the positioning ranges between 0 to 4 feet. For your room, go for short-throw only.  


The level of brightness you should go for depends on the room you will place your projector in. If you plan on projecting in a large room with bright lighting, you will need a higher lumen. However, for dark rooms, 150 ANSI lumens of brightness works fine too.  

Battery Capacity 

As mini projectors are absolutely portable, go with a projector that has a good built-in battery offering a long lifespan. Ensure that you go with the projector that at least allows you to watch a full movie without the need of recharging.  


Keeping few factors like these in mind can help you with your shopping experience. A mini projector is compact and offers an easy setup. You can carry them outdoors with ease, and there are so many options available to choose from.  

We hope our blog will help you find the best mini projector for yourself.  

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Happy shopping to you! 

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