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Roku vs Smart TV: Which Should You Choose?

Updated on Sep 10, 2021 by Jessica Parker
roku vs smart tv

Choosing between Roku vs smart tv can be confusing. Smart TV is a device that connects to the internet and uses operating software to provide access to OTT content like amazon prime and Netflix. Roku TV is also a form of Smart TV but differs in terms of providing a better user experience and customizable features. Roku TV uses Roku software that allows the user to get access to paid and free content available on the internet right into your TV screens.

This blog explains the major difference between the Roku vs smart tv. We start with the basics to help you make the right selection.

What is Smart TV?

Smart TV is an upgraded traditional TV with advanced connection capabilities and features. It can connect to the internet and allows the user to download live-streaming apps and platforms. Smart TVs like Hisense Smart TV runs on a personalized operating system that comes with built-in apps and services like voice control and home integration.

What is Roku TV?

Roku TV is an innovative TV, powered by the Roku OS built-in system. It offers ease of use with automatic software updates. This TV finds your favorite picks and streams them, giving you plenty of exciting features like cross-channel search, pause live TV, and voice control. You can get access to your cable or HD TV antenna on your home screen with just a click. One of the best in this series is TCL 50S425 Smart LED Roku TV known for its high resolution and direct-lit LED feature.

Roku Vs Smart TV: Which is Better?

Operating System

Roku TV uses Roku operating system while other smart TVs use different operating systems. Android TVs are popular smart TVs that run on Android OS. The LG uses WebOS in its smart TV segment, while the Samsung smart TVs come with Tizen OS. Roku OS has an edge over all other OS because of its user-friendly interface, but Android TVs are among the best affordable variants.

OS Updates

OS updates are crucial in any smart TV device. It ensures proper functioning and delivers a lag-free experience. Roku has a good reputation for releasing timely updates that improve the device's performance. Other small brands do not provide regular OS updates and their TVs tend to malfunction, but this is not the case with reputed brands like Samsung and LG.

Screen Mirroring and Casting

Screen mirroring is an excellent feature that you will find in android TVs and other smart TVs. Android TVs use Chromecast for mirror screening and casting. The Roku TV also supports such feature. In Roku TVs like TCL 32-inch Roku Smart TV, you can cast your favorite content from mobile to Tv screen. The screen mirroring feature allows the user to control an application of the mobile on the TV.

Price Comparison

There are different price segments for Roku TVs and other smart TVs, depending on their features and size. A Roku TV can cost as low as $118, while a high-end Roku TV can cost as much as $2000. Compared to other smart TVs, the most affordable models cost around $200, while the midrange models range from  $399 to $600. The SAMSUNG 40-inch LED Smart TV costs just $239.99 and feature Full HD 1080p Resolution.

Roku TV can replace the passive viewing experience that cable TV offers. It provides a personalized active viewing at half the price of your cable bills.

What Screen Resolution Do Smart TVs Provide?

Smart TVs offer a resolution of up to 4K Ultra HD. You can also get smart TV models with a display resolution of 1080P Full HD, and 720P. A higher resolution display offers a clear, detailed, and high picture quality. The picture quality of a smart TV also depends on factors like aspect ratio, overall size, and brightness. The Toshiba 32LF221U21 is a 32-inch smart TV with a 720P display.

Sony and Samsung have a good name for producing quality screens. Read our blog on Samsung and Sony TV to know more.

Do I Need Roku If I Have a Smart TV?

Roku is a Smart TV with upgraded specifications and features. The answer depends on what other smart TV you have. If you have a high-end model from a reputed brand like Samsung or LG, you may not want to replace it soon. You can go with Roku TVs if you do not have a good smart TV at home.

The Smart TV interface isn’t as smart as Roku and often appears clunky. Roku TVs are way more superior in terms of content availability and quality. Read our blog on Samsung Vs LG TV to know what to buy.

Can I Use Roku TV Without Internet?

The answer is yes, but using without the internet will not let you access some premium features of Roku TV. This TV gives the best user experience when you use it with an active internet connection. You can always opt for internet-only plans that come at affordable prices.

You can connect digital media to Roku TV via USB or other external ports if you don't have internet access. An SD card can store offline content and connect later to view it offline. Mirroring your screen is another way to access your favorite content without the internet.


Roku TV is a software and a device that allows the user to get access to paid and free content available on the internet right into your TV screens. It comes comparatively cheaper than a Smart TV and offers a lot extra. It also allows you access to thousands of apps and channels, from the daily essentials like Spotify to the undiscovered Light Saber network.

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