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Robot Vacuum: Your Answer to Spotless Floors

Written by Jessica Parker
Updated on Dec 10, 2021

A robot vacuum is a device that can clean your house by moving around on its own. It can suck up dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris without human supervision. This device is usually programmed with a map of your floor plan and it travels around the plan with cleaning the floor as it goes. The hectic chore of cleaning floors can also be accomplished easily if you have a robot vacuum at home. Handheld vacuum cleaners are also great devices that can help you keep your home clean. Read more to know everything about handheld vacuum cleaners.

Robot Vacuum Buying Guide

Filter Type

Robotic vacuum cleaners come with different types of filters such as primary or secondary filters, HEPA filters, etc. HEPA filters are the most effective filters that remove 99.97 dust particles. They can also pick up the smallest microparticles from the air that passes through them. Primary and secondary filters are good for removing dust particles. Cartridge, cloth, and foam filters are also available.

Bin Size

The bin size of a robotic vacuum cleaner is measured in liters. The size range varies between 0.25-1 liter. Small-sized bins have less cleaning capacity. You will have to clean the small bins again and again to clean an entire room. Bigger bins have large capacities and also have the ability to clean larger areas at a time. Large bins are great for bigger rooms.

Battery Life

Most of these vacuum models come with a battery dock. They automatically go to charging when they need to get charged. A robot vacuum can take about 2-3 hours to get fully charged. It can work for a long time after getting charged once. The customer reviews of Enther Robot Vacuum Cleaner claim that it comes with a nice and long battery life.

Corner Cleaning Effectiveness

The best part about these robot vacuums is that they can effectively clean corners. They can also clean corners that are difficult to be cleaned manually. Small and lightweight vacuums can go in the smallest corners to clean them. It might get difficult for bulky vacuums to clean small corners. Deenkee robot vacuum cleaner reviews say that it comes with anti-dropping sensors that prevent it from falling down the stairs.

Scheduled Cleaning

Most of the robot vacuum cleaners come with a scheduled cleaning feature. You can set a time for a cleaner with the help of a scheduler. The machine will automatically start cleaning at the time you have scheduled. This feature lets the machine clean your house even when you're out. The customer reviews of OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner claim that it is one of the best vacuums that can be controlled by voice commands. They can even get connected to your phone and will notify you when the cleaning is done.

Can a Robot Vacuum Replace a Normal Vacuum?

Robot vacuums like Bagotte Robot Vacuum Cleaner can function as long as the battery stays recharged and they can be used as an additional or backup vacuum cleaner. A normal vacuum can be your safest bet if you want to save the effort and your budget is limited. A robot vacuum can give you a spotless home with a weekly run of manual cleaning. Added features like WiFi and remote access allow you to access your Robovac from anywhere. 

Does a Robot Vacuum Use a Lot of Electricity?

These vacuums have to be charged before you can use them. They use around 30 watts of electricity to charge for 3-4 hours. The electricity costs can add up to USD 5-6 annually for brands like Roomba and Dyson, considering you do not need a battery replacement before that.

How Often Do you Need to Run your Robot Vacuums?

Carpeted floors require frequent cleaning as compared to hardwood floors. Pets and children can create a lot of mess too. It’s recommended to run your Robovac once a day to avoid clutter if you see that your house gets easily accumulated with dirt and dust. These appliances can be used on an everyday basis which in turn will reduce the wear and tear on your standard vacuum cleaner.

Is a Robot Vacuum Noisy?

They create as much noise as traditional vacuum cleaners but are slower than them. This means that you have to handle the same frequency of noise for a longer time. The noise doesn’t cause any major disturbances. Some robot vacuum cleaners like the Deenkee robot vacuum operates quietly and also clean up hard floors and carpets effectively.

A robotic vacuum cleaner also has some pros and cons like any other device. Read our blog to know more about the pros and cons of robot vacuum cleaners.


A robot vacuum is a great way to keep your floors free of dirt and dust. Some models also have a silicone edge to clear dust and dirt from corners and edges on hard-floor surfaces. The robot vacuum can be controlled with a handheld remote as well as with a smart device. They can run on a schedule and help you stay stress-free.

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