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Robot Vacuum: Your Answer to Spotless Floors

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Keeping your house clean and tidy is a tough job. Mornings are pretty hectic and coming home after a long day at work doesn’t leave you with much energy. If you live with a big family, you know how much mess can get accumulated at the end of a long day. But with the technology today, anything and everything has become possible. Thus, to help you clean up the mess efficiently and quickly, robot vacuums have been introduced in the market. A robot vacuum can replace humans and takes zero effort from your side as it cleans dirt and debris easily.

The hectic chore of cleaning floors can be accomplished easily if you have a robot vacuum at home. Buying a robot vacuum cleaner can be full of nuances, and in this blog, we will help you understand the concept, considering it is fairly new with a few questions and benefits. It is advisable that you read through the blog that lists the advantages and disadvantages of Robot vacuum cleaners for more clarity and understanding. Hopefully, by the end of it all, you will get ready to come back to a clean house.

Can a Robot Vacuum Replace a Normal Vacuum?

Robot vacuums can function as long as the battery stays recharged and they can be used as an additional or back-up vacuum cleaner. If your budget is limited and you want to deep clean your surfaces, a normal vacuum can be your safest bet. However, if you want to save the effort, a robot vacuum can give you a spotless home with a weekly run of manual cleaning. It’s great, isn’t it? With added features like WiFi, and remote access you can access your Robovac from anywhere! Now that’s some serious convenience we are talking about here.

Does a Robot Vacuum Use a Lot of Electricity?

Robot vacuums have to be charged before you can use them. Generally taking 3-4 hours for a round, they use around 30 watts. The electricity costs can add up to USD 5-6 annually for brands like Roomba and Dyson, considering you do not need a battery replacement before that.

How Often Do you Need to Run your Robot Vacuums?

Majorly depending on the surfaces, carpeted floors require frequent cleaning as compared to hardwood floors. Pets and children can create a lot of mess too. If you see that your house gets easily accumulated with dirt and dust, it’s recommended to run your Robovac once a day to avoid clutter. These appliances can be used on an everyday basis which in turn will reduce the wear and tear on your standard vacuum cleaner.

Is a Robot Vacuum Noisy?

They create as much noise as traditional vacuum cleaners but are slower than them. This means that you have to handle the same frequency of noise for a longer time. However, the noise doesn’t cause any major disturbances. Some robot vacuum cleaners like Yeedi Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a turbo mode that operates quietly and cleans up hard floors and carpets effectively.

Benefits of Buying a Robot Vacuum

  • No Manual Labor

If you suffer from a physical ailment or chronic issue, cleaning can get really tough. People who have arthritis or any similar illness cannot clean their houses easily. At such, a robot vacuum cleaner like MOOSOO Robot Vacuum can be a lifesaver for them. Containing various sensors, these robots are perfect for the elderly who won’t have to stand for cleaning and can operate easily from one place.

  • Versatile

A robot vacuum cleaner like Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner automatically adjusts its cleaning settings and levels as per the dirt in the particular area. If an area requires more attention, the robot will clean it but take more time.

  • Automatic Charging

A robot vacuum charges by itself without any human intervention. If your robot has drained its battery, it’ll simply stop in between and switch to charging mode.

  • Remote Cleaning

This is one of the most convenient benefits of owning a robovac. You can set the timing and the robot will start working at the set hour in your absence. Its ability to fit in tight spaces won’t require any intervention from your side and it’ll complete its task. If you’re going on an extended vacation for business or leisure, this robot will clean your home for you as per your requirements and settings.

The Final Verdict

These robot vacuums are available at stores like Amazon and Walmart and can make your life really easy. The more money you’ll spend on your cleaner, the better will be the results. Most of these cleaners come with warranties. A lot of time and energy is saved while cleaning which can be used for more productive things. We hope this blog helps you to understand why having this amazing device at the earliest can be a boon for you. Now that you know everything about robot vacuums, make sure you check out the featured section that lists some of the best steam mops and assists you in making an informed buying decision.

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