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Modern Floor Lamps: Select the right one for Home

Updated on Jun 4, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Modern Floor Lamps

Modern floor lamps are the latest rage in the industry, and are growing in popularity amongst homeowners and business owners alike. The benefits of these modern lamps are many. Not only do they give your home a unique and fashionable look, but they also help you save on energy costs. For more information on the types of floor lamps available today, visit our blog on Floor lamps after reading this blog.

Classic floor lamps are also useful for lighting up your room when you're doing a specific task or studying. A modern floor lamp is a simple and elegant piece of furniture that offers a gentle spot of light. In general, they should be placed at eye level, so that they aren't too far away from the eyes of those who are seated on the floor. Also, the light should be positioned so that it is hitting a wall or ceiling, as this will provide the best illumination.

Unfortunately, not all modern floor lamps are the same. They usually vary in their brands, sizes, designs and cost, to name a few. So, we bring to you an exclusive list of our best modern floor lamp collection. They are popular and perform efficiently. So, let us read about them in detail and make a better buying choice.

Best Modern Floor Lamps

TaoTronics LED Floor Lamp

There are many led lights on the market, and they come in multiple styles, colors and sizes. Some of the popular LED lights are the vintage style lights, task lights, desk lamps, and floor lamps. The TaoTronics LED Floor Lamp is a combination of all these LED lights. They are great for reading while controlling the light intensity through a dial. These lamps offer 20,000 hours of life and are quite durable. Besides, they are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

This model is a 43-inch floor lamp that features four brightness levels and four different colors, including red, purple, green, and blue. The four brightness levels and four colors, so it can suit your house's lighting requirements.

Brightech Artichoke Floor Lamp

The Brightech Artichoke Floor Lamp is a best-selling floor lamp from the Brightech Collection. Made of hand-polished iron, this lamp is a genuine piece of art. Its unusual shape makes it perfect for living space, as well as dining and bedroom. It is an artistic lamp that can create a cozy ambiance.

This lamp is unique with many interesting features. It has a handmade glass body with a wooden base that is made from environment friendly bamboo. The lamp shade is of woven bamboo yarn. It has a unique shaped mesh base that creates an artistic look and a hanging loop at the top of the lamp. There are 3 colors available for the product, and it uses a plug-and-play LED bulb that is dimmable.

LEONLITE Farmhouse Floor Lamps

These Farmhouse Floor Lamps for living room manufactured by LEONLITE, which is a specialized company that makes and sells decorative items. LEONLITE Farmhouse Floor Lamp is a stylish and creative floor lamp that you can hang from the ceiling, wall, or the wall-mounted bracket. The stylish design makes it an ideal product for both classic and modern home decors.

These floor lamps can highlight your beautiful house with its warm glow. They are usually made of glass and are for indoor use but they can also be used in outdoor areas as well. Floor lamps of this type are usually very eye-catching. In addition to serving as lighting points, they can also be used as decorations. These lamps comprise glass and glow with an amber glow.

Brightech Maxwell - Modern LED Shelf Floor Lamp

The Brightech Maxwell is a modern LED floor lamp that serves a dual purpose. It can be used as a traditional nightstand, with a pair of non-slip feet on either side to prevent it from moving during use. A thin lamp head atop it serves as an end table, with the light's brightness adjustable by a touch dimmer. It's slim and compact, and looks great anywhere in the bedroom, living room, or even the office. The designers have also made it super easy to install and adjust, and many people who have purchased the product have loved using it.

Key Takeaway

Floor lamps can be a delightful addition to any room, but they can also be a tricky puzzle. How tall do you place the lamp? What color should the lamp be? How should you wire it? Should you use a table lamp or a floor lamp? Choosing the right lights for your home is a big decision, so we've put together this information. For more buying options, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend the best products based on popularity, quality and performance.

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Brightech Litespan - Bright LED Floor Lamp

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