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Grill Press: Innovative & Unconventional Way of Cooking

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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The need for having a Grill Press in the kitchen is only felt once you start using one. There are certain things in life, whose need is rarely felt. Life has been going on smoothly without them, and the thought of owning them doesn’t usually cross our minds. However, once they enter our lives, the convenience around them goes so high that you can’t imagine your life without them after that.

The grill is one such thing. Be it a gas grill or a charcoal grill, their use in the kitchen to produce woody & smoky flavor hasn't gone out of fashion. This intelligent innovation has made lives easy in a way that one could have never imagined. This equipment makes it possible to taste all the hidden flavors in food that we were never aware of. Let’s quickly take a look at some of the basics first before we dwell further.

What is a Grill Press?

It is a device or a kitchen essential that contains a heat plate with a handle. When this appliance is pressed on top of the food that is laid on a grill like, Blackstone cooking 4 burner, it cooks the food evenly. You can imagine the relief and convenience of heating food like sandwiches without having to turn them.

A Grill Press ensures even cooking on both sides with a nice golden crust elevating the taste altogether. The mechanism of this device is to press the food on the heating surface to make it cook faster. Once you press the food with a seasoned grill press, the juices inside the foods flow adding a distinct flavor to the dish.

Do I really need to own one of these? Is there a requirement of this in my kitchen?

Well, to answer this question, ask yourself, if a grill press's purpose in the kitchen meets your needs. it helps in uniform cooking, searing, grilling of foods like fillets, steaks, burgers, etc. Many times when you are trying to grill meat, flipping them becomes messy.

You can see shreds of meat sticking to the grill glades making cleaning difficult. But with a grill press, you can easily grill and sear the food without losing any flavor or pieces. Now that's surely a relief!

Why Use a Cast-Iron Grill Press?

This appliance consists of many metal variants like cast-iron, aluminium, glass, copper, and stainless steel. However, a cast-iron grill press is the most widely-used variant. It provides more flavor to your food, as compared to other metal variants. It tends to heat up quickly making seasoning an easy task.

Did you know that a Hamburger gets its authentic flavor by a grill press?

Hamburgers have meat that is either seared, grilled, or fried with lots of veggies and pickles to balance their flavors. When you use a grill-press for burgers, the pressure bogs down on the burger allowing it to crush. This makes the juices from the meat and vegetables to flow out and coat your burger. Thus, this equipment adds a very robust flavor to your burger enhancing its taste to a great extent. Mouth-watering, eh!

How to Use a Grill Press?

Using this kitchen essential is perhaps one of the easiest, but quite effective. To use it follow the step given below,

  • Simply pre-heat it by placing it on top of a cooktop or fire. Make sure to season it before use to impart the right kind of flavor. They often follow a similar seasoning technique like a Griddle about which I have written in my previous blog "Griddle seasoning".
  • Once the device is hot, place the grill plate on top of your food and press it down gently for a few seconds to allow uniform cooking
  • Another variant is the ‘Panini Grill Press’ that contains two plates structured on top and bottom of the panini space to uniformly cook it.

The Relation Between a Grill Press and a Skillet

Another technique to cook using a grill press is along with a skillet, to create a desired grilled meal. The cast iron variant is used along with a skillet to create mouth-watering and flavor-packed dishes. But a standard one majorly uses to create flavor in grills or griddles. Another new way of grilling is through air fryers that use their hot air mechanism and grill feature to grill foods.


The intention of this article is to create a picture that makes you realize what you have been missing from the kitchen so far, and what all can you do with a such a useful device present in your kitchen. However, people who already own a grill may feel the same way. If you use a grill press, in addition to the Grill, the food you eat will have a more authentic taste to it. There are some great gas grills listed in our featured section for your convenience. You can go through it before making a purchase.

For those whose lives revolve around sandwiches and burgers, owning this cooking essential will surely offer you endless kitchen opportunities to experiment, leaving you wanting more. To know more about your buying options, head over to bestviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend some of the best products based on their quality, performance and durability.

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