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Factors to Consider While Buying a Stand Mixer

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Buying a stand mixer

This blog will tell you the key factors to consider while buying a stand mixer in 2021. This will help you get a good deal on the product and you can easily get a great product home. The year 2021 is certainly a great one to buy kitchen appliances, owing to the long lockdown period that we have all suffered due to Coronavirus. Especially for those who are discovering their food for love and have been wanting to experiment with baking, appliances like stand mixers have become the must-have of a kitchen.

Stand mixers offer a convenient way of making layered cakes, cream and bread. Often with hand mixers, the blending and mixing time isn’t sufficient to break down the tiny pieces and expel the air properly from the mixture. But, with a stand mixer, however, this problem does not arise.

However, not all stand mixers can give an equal performance. A lot of factors determine the functioning of a stand mixer. So, it is advisable to test the product based on some expectations that you should know before buying a stand mixer in 2021.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Stand Mixer in 2021

Bowl Size

Understanding the bowl sizes before investing in a stand mixer is essential. If you are a casual baker or bake occasionally, then a stand mixer with a bowl size of 4.5 to 5.5 Quart capacities is sufficient. A good example of this is the Cuisinart SM-50TQ. But, if you are a serious professional baker, then a bowl size of 6-8 Quart capacity is ideal, like the Costway stand mixer with a bowl capacity of 6.3-Quart.

Another important thing to remember is to calculate the maximum capacity lesser than the mentioned capacity. This is because the amount you can mix in a bowl without making a mess is always lesser than that given capacity.


Power plays an important role in determining the consistency of the batter or mix. If you are indulgent in light and airy mix like sponge cakes, then going with a power of 250 wattages is necessary. If you are planning on baking cookies and thick batter, then go with 350 wattage motor like the Cheftronic SM985.

However, if you are frequently preparing heavier dough like bread bagels etc., then go with a 500 wattage or more motor. A good example of a powerful motor is found in FIMEI Stand mixer that comes with a 660W powerful motor.

Controls and Settings

Stand mixers come in a standard variety of operating controls in the form of knobs, levers, buttons and dials. However, ensure that you understand the controls well before the purchase. Too many buttons can confuse you.

Every stand mixer varies between 3- 12 settings ranging between slow, medium and fast. Some offer more settings, which give you better control over the recipes. Some other essential controls and settings are pulse, auto shut-off function and auto-lock function among others. A good example of this is the Cuisinart SM-50 stand mixer that comes with 12 speed and pulse function.


The price of a stand mixer varies from basic affordable prices to the costlier ones. The amount you decide to invest depends a lot on the dishes you will prepare and the usage. If you are an occasional user, then go with models that cost between $100 to $200. Models in this range come with fewer compromises, like the Murenking double shaft mixer available at an affordable cost of $102.

However, if you are serious about baking and blending then, the more you invest, the better you will get. Depending on your usage, look to invest in quality and branded appliances. A good example of this is the Klarstein Bella Rossa stand mixer that is a versatile, efficient and ergonomic for your kitchen.

Size and Weight

It is important to consider the weight of the machine while investing. Everyday appliances like stand mixers are easier to use if they are light and occupy lesser counter space. So, it is advisable to go for mixers that are lighter or weigh approximately less than 20 pounds. A good example of this is Dash Go Everyday Mixer that is compact, portable and lightweight, weighing only 2.7 pounds.

However, do not opt for very light machines, as lighter machines may skid inches while in operation. In a nutshell, buy a stand mixer regarding your available counter space.

Color and Design

It is important to accent the kitchen with an appliance that is not only efficient but also that looks contemporary and modern. Standard stand mixers usually come in a variety of red, black, silver and blue. But certain brands like Kitchen aid, offer over 30 choices to choose from, like the KitchenAid KSM150PSBX Artisan Series 5-Qt.

Go for appliances that are simple yet sleek, efficient yet comfortable and classic yet colorful to go with your kitchen. Since, if you are planning to spend a few years with this as your kitchen partner, it is best to invest in a good-looking machine.


The standard warranty of any stand mixer like Aucma stand mixer stands between 1 and 3 years. Although it is less, considering the price, these machines last a long time. If the appliance is cared for and maintained, then it can last even a decade.

Certain brands also provide an extended warranty on some models. These deals are best found on online platform portals like Amazon.

Stand Mixer Vs. Hand Mixer

Now that we understand the basics of how to tell a good stand mixer from another, let’s understand the basic difference between a stand mixer and a hand mixer.

Hand Mixers

Hand mixers are no doubt efficient and lightweight kitchen appliance that can be used for many purposes like mixing, blending, whisking, etc. They can be used over a countertop or any compact place easily.

Hand mixers are easily washable and conveniently stored. The downside of such a machine, however, is that you can’t leave them while in operation. Also, sometimes, it takes longer to mix and many times even do not mix perfectly.

Stand Mixers

Stand mixers, on the other hand, have more speed, power, functions and offers a convenient way of getting the prepping work done. They allow you to multitask, while they conveniently and automatically blend and whisk.

Most of the stand mixers are versatile too. They come with attachments that allow the stand mixer to perform various functions like handle thicker dough and bigger batches together easily.

What to Take Away

Stand mixers and hand mixers can be used interchangeably to perform the lighter everyday tasks of a kitchen. Stand mixers are specifically convenient for preparing larger batches while allowing the cook to multitask in the kitchen. They are useful in prepping for dishes like bread, cinnamon rolls, etc. and cannot be replaced with a hand mixer.

The Bottom Line

Today, stand mixers are more popular and are no longer limited to wedding venues and as gifts. With its diverse selection of products, there are stand mixers to suit all kinds of preferences and tastes. Amateur bakers and food enthusiast can find this appliance highly useful and satisfactory. Keep the above factors in mind while buying a stand mixer this 2021.

If you are on the lookout for a good stand mixer, then head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend some of the best products based on their popularity, quality and performance.

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