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The Best Stand Mixer Buying Guide

Updated on Sep 22, 2021 by Jessica Parker
stand mixer buying guide

The stand mixer buying guide helps you select the right mixer for a wide range of uses. This kitchen equipment makes mixing ingredients easy and quick. It is popular kitchen equipment among those who enjoy baking. This appliance lets you prepare a lot of bread, cookies, or sweets. Stand mixers are largely dominated by Breville and KitchenAid. We have a comparison blog on Breville Vs KitchenAid mixers to choose a suitable stand mixer.

What Is a Stand Mixer?

A stand mixer is a kitchen tool that speeds up the procedure of mixing and whipping. This helps you save time and energy when it comes to food preparation. Stand mixers are useful for a variety of tasks, like whipping frothy cream and kneading dough for large batches of bread or flour. The hassle-free, fast mixing of ingredients will make you hook on this kitchen equipment.

Things You Can Make With a Stand Mixer

A stand mixer like FIMEI 600W is a versatile appliance capable of making many dishes. This handy appliance can,

  • Shred meat, especially chicken
  • Knead the dough for making pizza or rolls
  • Whip creams, eggs, and churn butter
  • Whip egg whites
  • Ground meat like beef
  • Churn ice cream

It is possible to mix the same items with hand mixers as with stand mixers, but they are smaller and less powerful. Different models come in different weights. You should choose a model that is powerful and feature a durable and ergonomic design.

Stand Mixer Buying Guide- How Do I Choose a Stand Mixer?

Size and Weight

Large mixers are ideal for those who bake frequently during the week or need to feed a large household. Keep in mind that proper dough kneading necessitates a powerful motor if you choose a larger stand mixer. Your new mixer should be rather heavy to avoid shimmying around on your counter. A smaller model is a must if you only cook for two people or have a small kitchen. Most cakes and homemade frostings require a bowl that is between 4.5 and 5.5 quarts in capacity. Smaller mixers are easy to transfer from cabinet to counter. This is crucial if you don't plan on using your mixer frequently.


Stand mixers come in a variety of price ranges, with the most expensive models costing hundreds of dollars. The cost of these machines is determined by the brand, capacity, and features. The good news is that you can have a nice stand mixer for under $100. Some mixers are less expensive but they may be less durable and break down after repeated use. Find out which stand mixer is the most affordable in our blog.


The power of a stand mixer should depend on your usage. Go for a stand mixer with a powerful motor if you are a frequent user or cook in large batches. The more wattage, the better will be the strength of the motor.

Features and Accessories

Stand mixer offers many choices to the users and a large variety to select from. The models often differ in speed, modes, attachments, sizes, etc. Go with models that come with a whisker, dough hook, and paddle. If you are a professional go with the ones that come with an ice cream maker or offer additional benefits.

How Long Does a Stand Mixer Last?

The stand mixers have a 15-year life cycle. A stand mixer may endure up to 30 years under the appropriate conditions. It depends on how frequently you use and maintain it. It's important to take care of your stand mixer and inspect it on a regular basis to determine if you need to make any adjustments. Warm soap and water are the easiest ways to clean your stand mixer.

Best Stand Mixers To Buy

SanLidA Stand Mixer

The SanLidA stand mixer is of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housing that is rust and corrosion-resistant. This means that after you buy this mixer, it will look wonderful for many years to come. Its strong 660W motor provides enough power to combine even the most difficult substances easily. This mixer has 10 speeds with planetary mixing action for mixing bread dough, meringues, thick batter, creaming, whipping, and finessing, and stirring. 

It comes with a 9.5 QT high capacity stainless steel bowl that is large enough to prepare ingredients for the entire family at once. This mixer comes with four attachments, including a dough hook, wire whip flat beater, and pouring shield.

The KitchenAid KP26M1XER Stand mixer

The KitchenAid KP26M1XER Stand mixer can handle any situation. This long-lasting bowl-lift stand mixer has 10 speeds for gently kneading, complete mixing, and whipping ingredients. It also comes in a selection of colors to fit your kitchen style or personality. It has over 10 extra hub-powered attachments ranging from food grinders to pasta makers and more. You can get creative and make more with your mixer. 

The COSTWAY Stand Mixer

The stainless steel bowl of the COSTWAY Stand Mixer can accommodate up to 6.3 quarts. This is a large capacity, significantly exceeding that of most comparable stand mixers. You can easily mix up larger recipes or make many batches with this one which makes it excellent for the holidays or large families. There are six different speed settings on this COSTWAY stand mixer.

You also get three different mixing attachments. This ensures that you never have to make a recipe by hand. A dough hook kneads or mixes bread dough and a beater paddle beats cookie dough, cake batter, and most other recipes.

FIMEI Stand Mixer, 5.5 Qt Food Mixer

The FIMEI Stand Mixer, 5.5 Qt Food Mixer creates multi-directional circular motion by simulating the planetary trajectory. It simulates mixing, simmering, and pressing by stirring the dough at 360 degrees, resulting in an even dough and simpler fermentation. It is possible to control both the rising function as well as the safety function with the same knob. The safety lock must slide to the specified position for the machine to operate.


The CHEFTRONIC SM985 includes an easy-turn dial that controls 6 distinct settings and a pulse speed. It's quiet and sensitively mixes wonderful ingredients into fantastic baked goods. When adding ingredients to the mixer while it is running, the pouring shield avoids splattering. The mixer head is reclined in the open position by a little knob, making it easier to remove and add ingredients. There are sucker feet on the bottom to keep it in place.
The arm also has a safety lock that prevents any movement while in use.


Cooking includes a variety of chores, including kneading dough, whipping creams, and grinding spices among others. A stand mixer is a significant addition to the house and can be efficiently used for many tasks. It is an effective gadget that allows us to complete kitchen duties with ease.

We recommend you go with only trusted brands like Hamilton. Check our stand mixer buying guide to find the best hamilton beach stand mixer.

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