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Crochet Table Runner: An Exclusive List

Updated on Dec 2, 2021 by Jessica Parker
crochet table runner

A crochet table runner is designed with crochet hooks, interlocked with loops of yarns or threads to offer an intimidating look. Crocheting is one of those crafts that can be difficult to master. Newbies and experts can find it interesting. There are a lot of different types of crochet table runners. Many are made from brocade and tend to run at a higher price point than other choices. Crocheted table runners have been popular for weddings and other special events. Read our blog to know everything about table runners.

List of Popular Crochet Table Runners

OurWarm Macrame Table Runners

The reviews of OurWarm Natural Macrame Table Runner show that it features delicate beige weaved hollow striped cotton fabric with tassel to give your table a new look. This table runner is a great accent to any party. It's also perfect to use as a table cover at any outdoor event. It can give your place a minimalist vibe and boho charm. Its intricate details, delicate design, and versatility make this a golden choice for your homes.

KEPSWET Crochet Table Runner

The KEPSWET Crochet Table Runner is hand-milled and made from natural materials. It comes in the size of 14x36 inches that fits perfectly on the top of a round coffee table. This is a beautiful, handmade table runner that matches any decor and is certainly worth the money. It has a machine-washable fabric that makes it easy to wash and maintain.

Damanni Rectangular Crochet Table Runner

The Damanni Rectangular Crochet Table Runner is made of 100% cotton that is machine-washable and dryer-friendly. It makes the table runner durable and long-lasting. The color is also attractive and has a beige color with a lace design, making it look elegant and timeless. The lace is made of cotton and is dyed perfectly. The table runner also has a nice pattern, making it suitable for all kinds of table settings.

kilofly Crochet Table Runner

The kilofly Crochet Table Runner is made of cotton and lace. The size of this product is 15 x 60 inches. The table cloth is white in color and made of premium quality fabric. You can use it for a long time to beautify your tabletops. It is easy to set up and makes a perfect festive ornament for holiday feasts, get-togethers, and other banquets.

Yazi Handmade Table Runner

The Yazi Handmade Table Runner is made of pure natural cotton yarn and is available in beige color. This table runner is perfect to help you give a professional and elegant appearance to your home or office spaces. You can use this versatile item as the sofa cover, table cloth, computer cloth, tea cloth, and TV cloth.

How to Choose the Best Crochet Table Runner?


Crochet table runners can cost you around $9 to $35. You can buy the mid-range table runners for just $17 to $19. Table runners are available at a budgeted price but it is good to look for limited exclusive deals on online platforms like Amazon to get worthy offers. Remember, the table runners with low prices are not always better. Make sure you check the fabric and stitching quality. The high-quality Folkulture Macrame Table Runner is available for just $34.99.


Reviews can tell a lot about any listed product. You should go through honest reviews of your selected model before making the final purchase. The honest reviews help you save your time and give you an idea of the selected model is likely to work in the long run. The size of the table runner is also an important consideration. Read our blog to know what size table runner you need.


It is essential to look for products, only from trusted and reliable brands. Make sure you check return and refund policies if you are planning to buy from online stores. The branded products last long and deliver excellent performance.

Key Takeaway

Table runners can be used on your patio, bedtime, sofa, and a variety of different tables and settings. They come in various fabrics, including cotton and silk, and may give your table a rich aesthetic while also protecting its surface. A splash of color with a strong contrast might draw your visitors' attention to your table. We recommend you read the fabric description before purchasing a table runner.

You can also make table runners on your own by following a few simple DIY steps. Read our blog to learn how to make a table runner.

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