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Baby Monitors: Must-have for Every New Parent

Updated on Aug 26, 2021 by Jessica Parker
baby monitors

Baby monitors are monitoring equipment that allows attendants to hear the infant wake up from a distance in case of an emergency. A baby monitor allows you to track their movements. That is why it is popular among parents. You can use a baby monitor to hear your child cry if you're downstairs. You may also keep a check on them from another room where you can't hear them. Your doctor may recommend a video monitor and heart monitor too for various issues.

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When Should You Start Using Baby Monitors?

You can bring a baby monitor for your child according to your comfort but it's best to start early. Most pediatricians recommend using baby monitors from the start for better sleep quality. Baby monitors also help the new mothers sleep through the night. They don’t have to be anxious for their little one all the time. It's, however, advisable to stop using a baby monitor after your baby turns 6 months old. After 6 months of age, the sleep pattern may get better and the baby won’t wake up frequently in the middle of the night. 

What are the Different Types of Baby Monitors?

Movement Monitors

A movement monitor studies your child’s sleep minutely. If the baby hasn’t moved in the crib for more than 20 seconds, the gadget alerts the parents. The is due to the motion sensor in these monitors which is available in the form of a pad. BestViewsReviews also rates and ranks the best baby cribs that can make your child fall asleep easily. We offer a wide selection of top-ranking baby swings that will help you soothe your child.

Digital Baby Monitors

Digital baby monitors have replaced analog monitors. They have been very successful in encrypting the frequencies. For instance, your neighbor won’t be able to listen and know what’s going on inside your household. Digital monitors are also secure and provide good sound quality.

Audio Monitors

These monitors notify you immediately if your baby’s cries get louder. These monitors have background cancellation features. It focuses only on your baby’s voice.

Video and Audio Baby Monitors

These monitors show you exactly how your baby is sleeping. Install a small camera in your baby’s room and you’ll be able to get their clear image along with the voice.

Wireless Baby Monitors

These monitors allow you to watch the activity of your baby on smart devices. You can watch them through the wireless network. Any movement can be tracked and sent to your device. Some monitors also send notifications.

Is it Possible to Hack Wi-Fi Baby Monitors?

The answer is yes. All devices you have in your house are susceptible to hacking. You can avoid this by taking precautions. Today, the brands which make modern and intelligent baby monitors are very tough to hack. Also, a few extra steps from your side can ensure security. Add firewall protection to your router. Change the settings of your baby monitor access and also protect them with a password. If possible, disable the video and remote access in your absence. The first layer any hacker will have to get into is your Wi-Fi Router. If it’s secure enough, you do not have to worry about anything else.

How Do I Know if My Baby Monitor has Been Hacked?

The best giveaways are any strange noises or change security settings. Also, if you hear any voice which isn’t of your baby, there’s a high chance that the baby monitor has been hacked. Rotation in the camera can also be another sign.

Features to Look for in Baby Monitors

  • Sound Filters and Activation

Today many variants notify you only when your baby’s voice gets louder so that your sleep won’t get disturbed. Apart from that, ambient noise can also disrupt your sleep. This feature helps you filter the background noise. A good example is Axevue Video Baby Monitor is a popular monitor in this category.

  • Night Vision

The quality of the video you see shouldn’t be dull and dim. You can monitor your baby’s sleep accurately with a night vision camera. HelloBaby Monitor and Owlet Baby Monitor offer excellent video quality with night vision.

  • Light-Up Feature

If your system is on mute and the monitor detects your baby's movement. It would light up to notify you of any sound. A good example is Nooie Baby Monitor, which comes with motion sensor technology.


It can be life-saving to use a baby monitor. Parenthood changes your life in an instant. The new technology, however, offers ways to help you. We hope you can get the best baby monitor.

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