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A Guide on Amplifying a Digital TV Signal

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
Amplifying a digital TV signal

If you’ve been using an antenna for receiving over-the-air television broadcasts, then you know the difference between analog and digital signals. Digital TV signals come with the pros of a wider screen and you can also use a DTV converter box with it. The inevitable con is that digital signals are weaker and often need amplification for better transmission. So let’s see how you can amplify a digital TV signal today. 

Analog Vs Digital TV Signals 

A digital signal like that of 2021 New Upgrade Amplified HD Digital Antenna cannot get transmitted over a long-range due to terrestrial constraints. Walls, wind, and trees are some major barriers as a digital signal is highly sensitive. On the other hand, analog signals require a lot of interference to drop. To receive a good quality over-the-air picture on your TV, amplifying your digital signal can be an easy fix. 

Why is Amplifying a Digital TV Signal Important?

If your TV antenna is receiving a signal but not smoothly, then amplification can be the remedy to the signal loss. However, if the antenna is not picking up any signal, then amplification won't help you much. 

How is Digital TV Amplification Done? 

An amplifier like the 4-port cable TV uses electricity to boost the signal and give it a strong push. The push is given to the signal along its way from the antenna to the digital tuner. The DTV signal can travel even farther with more power and provide a consistent picture. 

Tips on Buying a Digital TV Amplifier 

The major thing to consider is to go with an amplifier with an adjustable dB setting. Sometimes, it gets tough to identify the perfect amplifier which would not be extremely powerful for your tuner. Many experts recommend going for an amplifier like Winegard LNA-100 Boost TV Antenna Amplifier with a 14 dB rating for ideal amplification. 

How to Fix Reception Issues Before Amplifying a Digital TV Signal? 

A splitter, RF modulator, or A/B switch could reduce the strength of your signal. Amplification can only boost the signal up to an extent. Another issue might be the coaxial cable of your outdoor antenna. Ensure that the cable is of good quality and prevents attenuation. 


An amplifier could be the ideal solution to significant signal loss. If you troubleshoot the reception issues and buy an amplifier with an ideal dB setting, it could enhance the over-the-air picture quality you see. 

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