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3_Troubleshooting with Leaf Blower

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams

There are innumerable ways by which you can clean your yard. A yard full of leaves looks terrible and to get rid of the fallen leaves physically is a tedious process. A leaf blower is a fantastic appliance that helps you battle the ordeal that lies ahead. If you have one at home, you already know how efficient it to remove fallen leaves and dirt. But just like any other machine, a Leaf Blower can malfunction. Usually, it could be a minor problem and can be fixed without any help.  So, what can you do to fix it? Let’s have a look at the common issues which might be causing the problem. Before we delve further into this subject, if you are new to the whole concept of Leaf Blower, get a good read on my other blog, “All About Leaf Blowers”. This will allow you to understand Leaf Blowers better, helping you decide on your investment.

  • Carburettor

For a gas Leaf Blower, the carburettor is a very integral part. It’s responsible for mixing the correct amount of gas and fuel to initiate the process and form a combustible gas. If your engine stops working in the middle of your Leaf Blowing process or the sputters are very jerky, your carburettor might need attention. You can either replace your carburettor or fix the existing one. It’s more effective to replace the older one at an affordable price.

  • Spark Plug

A damaged spark plug will result in no sparks. A heavy carbon buildup or a loose wire might cause the malfunction. A spark plug tester will help you detect the problem.

  • Filter

A fuel filter might get clogged over time because of less use of the Blower. Therefore it is essential to drain out the fuel if you’re not using the blower.

  • Rewind pulley and spring

Many times the spring snaps if your blower is old. Hence, the engine won’t start if the rewind spring is broken. The springs are easy to replace but for more efficient functioning, it is advised to replace the entire rewind pulley and spring set.

  • Air filter

Another reason for the Gas Leaf Blower to stop functioning is when the air filter breaks down and the Leaf Blower doesn’t get enough air. This might result in an excessive supply of fuel and the engine might not start. 

Apart from these reasons, a major reason behind the malfunctioning of a Leaf Blower is the ignition coil. We’ve described how to test the ignition coil in my previous blog, “Mechanics of a Leaf Blower”. If you have a knack for repairing things by yourself, you can try fixing the leaf blower; otherwise, a mechanic can solve all your woes. A Leaf Blower should be taken proper care of and stored in a safe and clean place for it to last long.


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