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10 Work From Home Essentials

Updated on Sep 22, 2022 by Jessica Parker
work from home essentials

Many people are working from home these days. While there are several benefits to working from home, long hours can take a toll on your health. You'll need a few work-from-home essentials like laptops, monitors, home desks, etc to help you to improve productivity while working from home. You can create a home office with all these essential gadgets and having the right tools will make your work more efficient and comfortable.

10 Work From Home Essentials


Laptops are the most important gadgets when it comes to working from home. They are compact in size and offer much more flexibility than a desktop. They are portable so you can switch your position from one room to another easily. Apple MacBook Air's reviews say that its 2.96 pounds lightweight design makes it easy to carry around. They have a great storage capacity and are equipped with the latest technologies.

There are both touch screen and non-touchscreen laptops available today. Both come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Read our blog on touch screen vs non-touchscreen laptops to know which is better.

Home Office Desk

A home office desk will give a more official feel to your workspace at home. These desks are available in classic designs that will amp up the look of your workspace. You can keep your laptop, mouse, and other work essentials on this desk. Mr IRONSTONE is a nice foldable office desk that can also be stored easily.


The keyboard is another device that is essential for working from home. A high-quality keyboard will let you type comfortably and increase your productivity. You can even find wireless keyboards to make your work convenient. Arteck HB030B's customer reviews mark that it is a good quality backlit wireless keyboard.


Monitors can improve your work quality if you spend a good part of your time looking at the computer screen. USB-C Portable Monitor's reviews claim that it comes in a lightweight design that offers easy portability. Keeping a monitor along with your laptop will help you manage tabs better. Browsing different tabs on a single screen can be messy and time-consuming. You can find monitors in different shapes like vertical, curved, etc. Vertical monitors show text vertically that is easy to read. Go through our blog on vertical monitors to know more about them.


A good internet connection is always important to get your work done on time. Always choose Wi-Fi that offers excellent speed, smart features, and ease of use. The customer reviews of NETGEAR Orbi show that it eliminates dead zones and buffering that ensures high speeds. A good Wi-Fi connection will make your video conferencing, web browsing, and other tasks easy and quick.

Office Chair

A high-quality office chair will keep you comfortable during those long hours of work. It will also protect you from back pain and long-term injuries. Office chairs like Office Chair Ergonomic also help to improve your posture. These chairs also allow you to adjust their height according to your preference.

You can also read our buying guide on office chairs to make an informed and better purchase.


Headphones play a major role during work calls and video conferences with your colleagues. They come with noise-canceling technologies that prevent any external sounds. Most of the earphones these days like JLab Go are wireless and compact so you can carry them anywhere you want.

Paper Shredder

A paper shredder like Amazon Basics Home Office Shredder helps you to dispose of the trash safely. Some official documents contain important information like your account number so you cannot directly throw such documents. This device will cut your documents in such a way that nobody will be able to retrieve your information.


A good printer is necessary at times when you need physical copies of documents in your hand. This device will let you print documents quickly. You can organize your work better if you have these hard copies with you. Printers like HP DeskJet 2755e are wireless and compact in size and won't take much space.

File Cabinet

A file cabinet is an essential work-from-home item that lets you organize your documents. There are chances of losing documents if you keep them scattered all over the place. A file cabinet like Lorell 16873 2- File Cabinet is a place where you can store your files and other documents safely. This way you will be able to find your important papers quickly when required.


Working from home can be a great arrangement if you have the right tools and gadgets. These work-from-home essentials will help you reach your goals by helping you avoid distractions. These tools let you complete your work quickly and efficiently in the comfort of your home. Health and wellness are also important when you are doing work from home. There are a ton of wellness-related freebies and free samples out there for testing.

Since the pandemic happens, the working culture has shifted for many professionals, whether they are freelancers or full-time employees. People are increasingly interested in working from home. Choosing the ideal place to work has numerous advantages such as increased productivity and improved time management. Working from home offers numerous advantages of its own.

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