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COSORI Smart Air Fryer 12-in-1 Large XL Oven

5.8 Quarts Capacity, 11.8"D x 13.8"W x 12.6"H, 1700 Watts, 12.3 Pounds, 120 Volts, 77-205 Degree Celsius Temperature Range, Voice Control
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About COSORI Smart Air Fryer 12-in-1 Large XL Oven
95% highlighted the presets, although 5% found them limiting
The fryer has preheat function and non-stick baskets that are easy to clean.
There are presets for common foods and I can program my personal presets.
The presets on this model do a good job for the foods they are programmed for. I have made many things really well, and overcooked a few things too, but with a bit of practice, I have mastered those times and temps.
I am limited to only a few pre-made settings and cannot use simple commands like 'Air Fry at 350 degrees for 30 minutes on Air Fryer', as mentioned by the user.
93% appreciated the design, however 7% found it unappealing
The air-fryer takes up some counter space, but I like it and am making it work.
The design of the 5.8-quart models is severely flawed and poses a safety issue, requiring Cosori to offer replacement baskets.
The air fryer can't be used under a cabinet on the countertop. It needs to be pulled out and turned to vent the heat, which can be tricky and dangerous.
90% found it noise-free, yet 10% reported noise issues
The air-fryer is much quieter than my experience with t-fal.
The air fryer is easy to clean and doesn't make a lot of noise.
The airfryer is not very quiet, but it is quieter than my previous two airfryers.
The air fryer plays an obnoxiously loud beep when I press it and elongated three times when it finishes.
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86% were satisfied with temperature controls, yet 14% experienced difficulties
I manually set the temperature to 370F for 15 minutes and then flipped it for another 8 minutes at the same temperature.
Setting the temperature for a number of minutes is simple with a voice command over the echo.
It is simple to personalize temps and times to my liking.
The app links my device to my phone, allowing me to set times and temperatures, and reminding me when to shake the food and when it's ready.
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94% liked controls and functionalities
The air fryer is easy to use and clean. The app interface is also intuitive.
The air fryer is easy to use with push button quick settings.
I appreciate the pre-programmed settings that can be easily modified and the 'shake/flip halfway through' alarm that can be turned on or off, making it easy to use.
92% were satisfied with the basket size
I can cook pretty much anything that can fit into the basket.
The air fryer has a large basket size, relatively even cooking, and a reliable WiFi connection.

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